Watch a LIVE homebirth online NOW!

If you haven’t heard yet, Dr. Nancy (Your Birth Coach) is live streaming her homebirth. She’s something like a week over due and I just got the email notification a few hours ago that she has recently started early labor.

I just logged on to watch and it looks like she is baking a cake with her two children.

You can watch two ways: either on her Facebook page (UStream password is naturalbirthrocks) OR on her Your Birth Coach website.

From what I’ve

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epidurals and the included interventions

This is an awesome video. Its purpose is to show women just how many interventions are involved with getting an epidural… it’s not just a pain medication, not just a needle in the back. The whole process really ties you to that bed with everything they must place on/in your body.

This video is a quick demonstration–a great tool for childbirth educators or doulas to share with their clients! But also just a great video for all pregnant women!

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Orgasmic childbirth–it doesn’t have to be about pain

Have you heard of women having orgasms during birth? I heard of it while I was pregnant, but never looked into it or watched any videos describing it. I fully believed it was possible, just never thought it’d be something I would experience (and I didn’t, I had a c-section).

A friend recently emailed me a video called Childbirth Orgasms. Click that link to watch it, I can’t embed it here. It’s beautiful, really.

It upsets me (beyond words) that birth is portrayed as something hideously and unbearably painful. Women are

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Two memories of the hospital I CANNOT get over. Help?

I know I just posted about c-sections and sometimes I wonder how much babble about it my readers can handle, but I’ve been meaning to write about these issues for awhile and I wanted to address some of the comments on my last post… so I decided now was a good time for this post. Thanks for putting up with me 😉

I feel I’ve made tremendous progress in dealing with my c-section. I still rant about it on occasion, but much less tears. I don’t know the stages of grieving… when does anger

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Letter to my OB: 1st draft

As most of you know, I had an unnecessary c-section and I’m still dealing with my feelings about it (mainly anger at this point… and still some huge disappointment in myself). Many people have suggested I write a letter to my OB about it. Whether I actually give it to her or not, just writing it will be healing. Most of you also pointed out the fact that I will probably end up writing and re-writing and re-writing… So… this is what I’ve managed so far for my first draft:

Dear Dr.,

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Questions about my medical record

Alright, I stopped by the hospital today and picked up a copy of my medical records. I got there at like 5 minutes to 5pm so I was just glad they took my request when the office was closing soon.

I asked for everything. She said, “from the whole hospital stay when you were here for the birth?” I said yes. She came back and handed me an envelope and said it was everything. So I took it and left. (I’m assuming they’ll bill me for them? I find it funny she didn’t tell

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I failed at birth, not you. I’ll try to explain…

I was planning on writing another post on my c-section about a week ago because it was bothering me again. Then, randomly, I got quite a few comments from doctors and nurses on my “C-Section Thoughts and Advice” post that was written as part of my birth story. They all came on the same day and I’m not sure how… but it made for one hell of a day for me. I cried all day long, and probably most of the next day too. It brought everything back… and the comments were about

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