We’re Stuck on You! (personalized gifts for kids)

I’m such a sucker for anything personalized with my kids’ names. I think personalized gifts for kids are just too cute and I also really think they have helped my kids learn! They learn how to spell their name and letter recognition. My 4-year-old also gets excited to have his name on things… like it makes them extra special because they’re all his!

Ryan goes to preschool three mornings a week and we need all his stuff labeled anyway so why not an embroidered lunch box? It looks a bit

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my baby boy is two years old

Dear Ryan,

You’re TWO! Mama can’t even believe it, where’d my baby boy go? That picture seems like yesterday and so do all of my memories of our first two years together. It has flown by… please, please, please don’t get any bigger!

You are quite the chatterbox now! You repeat everything you hear and you say and learn something new every day. You name things that I’m not even sure where you heard the word before! And you say some super cute things too like “oopsie daisy” when you drop something

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