Ladies Man: want to know the secret?

What?! It’s already time for Pick Me Up Monday?! Shutup. Where did last week go? Ohhh yes, I spent it on the couch sick, mouth breathing and coughing if I tried to laugh.

Thank goodness for these pictures to cheer me up. Share your Pick Me Up Monday post and link up below!

Awhile ago we took Ryan to Monkey Joes–a place with a bunch of bounce houses. As soon as we got there, Ryan was cornered by two lovely little women. Can you say Ladies Man?!

So what do you

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Pick Me Up Monday: love

No one wants a case of the Mondays! So create a post about something funny or happy–a picture, a paragraph or a video–for Pick Me Up Monday! Link up below so I can smile at your post, too, and grab the button if you’d like! 🙂

Something that always makes me smile is this picture from when Ryan was born. After being in recovery from my c-section for about an hour, I was finally wheeled to the mother-baby unit and this was the first time I got to hold Ryan. Steve leaned in

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Pick Me Up Monday: adventure

It’s time for Pick Me Up Monday! The goal is to make you smile or laugh or say “awww”–anything to brighten your day and stop someone from telling you it looks like you have a case of the Mondays! Please join in and link up below!

We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon in 2008. We did one of those “honeymoon registry” things for our wedding and a friend bought us tickets to go ziplining through the rainforest. It was incredible! Sooo much fun and so beautiful. Steve isn’t (or wasn’t) much

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Pick Me Up Monday

Someone has a case of the Mondays! That’d be me, every week. I figure others are attacked by this terrible day of the week as well, so I’m starting a Pick Me Up Monday meme! The idea is to post a picture (or a story?) of something that will hopefully make others happy and smile. Something cute or beautiful or funny.

Feel free to copy the button to your post and leave a comment here so I can be sure to check out your Pick Me Up Monday post too–I need a smile! 🙂

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