Teach Your Children to Excel with the Power of Music

You can use the power of music to help a child with so many different things, including both educational and social growth. Music can help children develop hobbies and become a better-rounded individual. When words are difficult to comprehend or emotions are simply running too high, music is something that can soothe the soul and nurture common ground. As a parent, helping your child harness this creative energy and use it to build self-confidence is one of the most important things you can do.

“Music, the great communicator.” Red Hot Chili Peppers

Growing Up

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Give the Gift of Music: SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air giveaway

One of my favorite things in life is MUSIC. It can always pick me up and make me happy, I love to sing along (alone in the car, ha), and who couldn’t use a little dance party once in awhile?! Needless to say, I’m pretty picky about sound. I’ll thank my mom for that trait. My tech-y music toys have to sound amazing. That’s why I am obsessed with everything from SOL REPUBLIC.

We’ve tried their wireless speakers and now their wireless headphones, the Tracks Air. AHHHHH-mazing. Seriously. They’re “on-ear” headphones,

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Audio Fest NOW and Best Buy!

~Written in a partnership with Best Buy and their Audio Fest. All opinions are my own.

Did you know Audio Fest is happening right now at Best Buy stores across the country? It goes from March 2nd to April 4th, 2014, and is filled with specials, deals, and events for all things audio–making Best Buy the place to be! I just went this weekend 😉 We’re big music fans and especially since having kids because there’s nothing better to cure a bad day or a sad mood than a DANCE PARTY!

Maybe you

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Sound Spot by Soundfreaq: decorate with sound

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

If you’re a frequent Baby Dickey reader, there are some things you probably know about me… I live on coffee, I love animals, I’m a birth fanatic, all I want to do is travel, and I’m a music snob. Music makes everything better… certain songs remind me of certain times. One song can lift spirits. There’s nothing better than blasting music and singing and dancing along (when no one else is

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DECK wireless speaker giveaway

SOL REPUBLIC was founded in 2011 and they’re dedicated to improving our lives through better sounded headphones and accessories. I grew up with music in the house and can thank my mom for making me somewhat of a music snob… can’t buy a car until you blast the speakers and make sure the sound quality is perfect… can’t buy a crappy stereo (she helped me buy my first one for $300–back then that was a fortune!)… and certainly can’t handle poor quality headphones or speakers.


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Frog Trouble by Sandra Boynton (giveaway)

We have a ton of the children’s books written by Sandra Boynton… they are our favorite! And I say “our” because of course our kids love these books, but so do we–they’re fun to read with cute songs or rhymes and they’re clever little stories. Boynton is a bestselling children’s author and also a songwriter and music producer! We were lucky enough to receive her newest CD to review!

Ryan was thrilled when I said we were getting a Boynton CD. The kids love the books and we read one at least every

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rocking to Raffi AND checking my emails

We’re music fanatics in this house. Even Ryan knows exactly how to work our iPods and iPhones to play specific songs or playlists. His favorite? Usually Raffi, but lately he’s been playing…. wait for it…. Gangnam Style. Yes, I’m serious. Mama is about to go buy some ear plugs.

And Ryan’s newest favorite tech toy? The Sound Step Recharge by Soundfreaq. Okay, I realize that bluetooth technology has been around for awhile, but I’ve never gotten into using

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