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Years ago I had an old camera that got the job done, but I’d been eyeing an upgrade to a DSLR for quite some time. I finally made the leap when my best friend was getting married. I really wanted to take some nice photos at the wedding! Plus, I was pregnant with our first and knew the new camera would be an investment in beautiful baby and family photos. I actually walked into Best Buy the morning of my friend’s wedding and said, “That one. The Nikon. I want it.” They said, “you

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Meet Nikon, my new baby!

I’d like to introduce to you my new little girl, Nikon. I decided she’s a girl because… I already have a boy. And she’s beautiful. I debated between the names Nikon and Canon for a long time, but Nikon won, and I’m really happy about that. Let’s see what she can do:

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