New Eating Habits with Christmas Cookies?!

**guest post from my mom who is reviewing the Nutrisystem program!**

I just wanted to post and say that I have not yet started my Nutrisystem Program. I have been so busy with holiday preparations and whatever else it is I do that I haven’t had much time to study the information and do the program justice. By that I also mean that I’m a little afraid of “failure” around the holiday season… maybe not a little, but A LOT afraid. I LOVE to bake Christmas

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Thanks, Nutrisystem! Guest post by Emily’s Mom

**Welcome my mom to my blog! She’s reviewing Nutrisystem to help her meet her weight loss goals. Every week she’ll be guest posting on my blog with her progress and how she likes the program. I hope you follow her journey and show her some encouragement!**

I am so excited! I am lucky enough to try out the Nutrisystem program for 4 WHOLE MONTHS! Obviously Emily does not need to lose weight because she has always been slim and trim and, of course, now she is pregnant. So, yes… her

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