crossing off my to-do lists with Staples

By looking at my house you’d never know that I like to be organized, haha… let’s just say that’s one thing I may have lost control over. But everyone that reads my blog knows that I’m a list-maker, right?! It helps keep me sane. Ya know the infamous “preggo brain” you get during pregnancy? What no one ever tells you is that it is WORSE after the baby is born! MOMNESIA. It’s real. I’d be lost without my lists and schedules and calendars.

I love the capabilities of the internet and I work

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THROW ALL THE THINGS! (in the toy storage organizer)

Staples helped me out with the toy storage organizer and file boxes by sending them for my review.

Before you have kids it’s funny how you swear your house would never be a mess of children’s toys like those other people. You’re neat and tidy and the toys will be in the kids’ rooms or the playroom in a handy toy storage organizer… certainly not all over your family room floor. THE HORROR!

Well, neat-and-tidy people that are yet to have children… get ready for the mess of your life.

(this is

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NCAA Themed Office Party

This year for March Madness I wanted to do something fun down at the office. I was reading in an article that companies lose about $4 billion during the NCAA tournament due to lost productivity. If it’s going to happen, why not make it a fun experience? As you know I work for my Father in law and pretty much my husband’s whole family works at the small, family run business. There’s no way they could say no to me, especially when they saw what I had planned and

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