How to choose a photographer

We have hired MANY different photographers since having kids. Newborn photos, various milestones over the first year, family pictures, maternity sessions, and holidays. We’ve found photographers we’ll never use again and ones we’ll continue to hire… investing that time and money can be hard! I worked with friends at Catalyst Design & Photography in Rockford IL to come up with these tips on how to choose a photographer.

How to choose a photographer:

1. Meet your photographer in person before working with them, if possible. Chemistry with your photographer

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Canvas prints of the kids for our new office

I love taking photos of the kids and we have professional family photos taken at least once a year. I upload them to my computer and most of the time that’s where they sit. If I’m on top of things (I’m not.) they get uploaded to Facebook for friends and family to see or I use some in a blog post… but I want them printed and displayed in our home!

I love canvas prints because they add a special touch to your photo wall—something different to stand out from printed photos. And the

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A photography plan for beginners

I’m not so much writing this post for others to use as a guide as I am writing it for myself. I mean, I AM the beginner in this story, so bear with me. I impulsively purchased a DSLR camera 2.5 years ago… I had been researching them and really wanted one… and then one of my best friends was getting married and I walked into a local camera shop the day of the wedding and I said “that one. I want it. Now.”

My Nikon D5000. AKA My Baby.


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Where do you go for family photos?

Ah, we’ve never seen so many photographers since having kids! We captured Ryan’s major milestones by hiring a photographer at birth, 6 months, one year, and two years. Some people do it even more often than that! And now that Rebecca is here, of course we have to do the same for her. It adds up really fast.

What we’ve learned: spending an arm and a leg for photos isn’t necessary. Example: we spent $700+ on Ryan’s newborn photos and we don’t have much to show for it. We got

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