DIY Letter Wreath Tutorial

I mentioned awhile ago that my girlfriends and I started a monthly Pinterest craft night… but OKAY, let’s all be honest here, we refer to it as our “Wine Club.” This month we didn’t even get around to the craft part of the night 😉 But when we DO make crafts, they’re pretty awesome… like this Letter Wreath!

There really isn’t a science to it… the four of us all showed up with different sized letters, twine of different thicknesses, and a variety of ribbon and

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Hostess with the mostess!

This post brought to you by Hostess Cakes. All opinions are 100% mine.

I loooove Halloween and everything that comes with it–making fun halloween costumes, decorating the house, doing crafts with the kids, and creating special spooky treats. Growing up, my mom always made pumpkin sugar cookies every year…. a tradition I want to continue with my kids! But I like making fun, new stuff, too… and I blame Pinterest 😉 So many fun ideas on there!

Everyone loves Hostess Cakes, right?! I mean, we grew up on them. They’re

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Present wrapping ideas: a week of Christmas on Pinterest

Who knew becoming a mom would make me want to be so crafty? I didn’t. But here I am. And I decided to search Pinterest for cute and creative present wrapping ideas! Love these. As always, click the photo to get to the pin for more info and the original source. ((Do you have any other cute ideas to share?? I love this first one… great idea for Father’s Day, too!))

Present Wrapping Ideas



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Holiday crafts for the kids: a week of Christmas on Pinterest

What would I be doing without Pinterest?! I have found so many awesome ideas on there for Christmas this year that I decided I had an entire week of fun stuff to show off 🙂 Coming up: gift wrapping ideas, decor, and gifts. Click each picture to get to the pin for more info/tutorials:




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baby girl wish list

I’ve been pinning things on Pinterest and making a mental note of everything I need (okay… WANT) for this baby girl. Some are things I really must buy, others are things we probably won’t buy right away (or maybe at all) and I’m just wishing. But this post is, again, because I’m a nerdy list maker and it helps me keep things organized:

Ryan has this Anywhere Chair with his name on it from Pottery Barn Kids and he LOVES

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