postpartum feelings: a c-section to VBAC comparison

The differences postpartum between my first birth and my second are like night and day. Completely different experiences, mindsets, and feelings. I don’t even know where to start…

After Ryan was born, I was depressed. It was absolutely beyond the baby blues and although I was never diagnosed with PPD, I believe that is what I had. PPD manifests in different ways for different people. I wasn’t angry and I didn’t hate my child…. I was a zombie. There were just simply no emotions at all. Of course I spent lots of time crying,

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more than just the blues

I definitely suffered from depression after Ryan’s birth. I was never diagnosed with PPD (postpartum depression) because I never went to get help, but I’m pretty positive I had it. For a long time. Hormones are a bit crazy after birth and emotions run wild. Even if you don’t get PPD, a lesser form known as “baby blues” typically occurs for many women. I think it’s not talked about often enough. Moms need to know they aren’t alone and that the feelings are normal–and that there is no shame in asking

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Placental encapsulation

Not too long ago I wrote a post about Anderson Cooper discussing placental encapsulation on his talk show and why I’ve decided to do it after this birth. One of my great friends from college, Sheena at Diapers Full of Blarney, wrote this guest post for me on the topic so please read on and show her some love!


After the birth of my son I felt elated, energized and as if I were on cloud nine. I had

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Eating your placenta goes mainstream!

Thanks to one of my google alert emails, I stumbled across this article about Anderson Cooper’s talk show: Would you eat your placenta? Cooper saw a headline in New York magazine about the idea and, not surprisingly, thought WHAT?! WHO DOES THAT?!

When he had Sanjay Gupta on the show, Cooper asked him about it. Yep, totally a real thing, called placentophagia. It’s a great source of nutrients and the main reason it’s consumed after birth, I think, is to help ward off postpartum depression.

Okay. When

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