Planning a Pirate Party!

Ryan turned 4 at the end of December and we had his birthday party last weekend! He’s been obsessed with Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell (remember his Halloween Fairy Costume)? So, of course, we were planning a pirate party! You can check my Pirate Party Pinterest Board for more ideas, too. I’ll link to all the products at the end of the post so you can find what you need.

I got the pirate party invites and

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DIY Fairy Costume for Boys

Ryan first fell in love with pirates because of that TV show “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” So of course I had to show him Peter Pan, one of our childhood favorites. And then? He became obsessed with Tinkerbell… and we saw the Tinkerbell movies… and he loves allllll the fairies. One day we got some pixie dust (from far far away!) and the poor kid was so disappointed when it didn’t make things fly!

Anyway, with Halloween coming up I had been asking him what he wanted to be…. a fairy, OF COURSE!

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Ryan the Baseball Player!

T-Ball for 3-year-olds?! Sign us up!!! I saw a flyer for the YMCA just down the road from us for t-ball and was thrilled that it was just for 3 year olds… I registered Ryan and Steve ran out to buy him a new bat, glove, and balls. He had his first practice last week and did awesome!

They spent some time catching and throwing. Ryan likes to throw underhand so they kept reminding him to try overhand… he started to get the hang of it. Then they got to hit

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Ryan and Rebecca go to the Madison Zoo!

I have so many plans for this summer of fun… just trying to cram everything in before Ryan starts preschool in the fall! Ryan has been to the zoo before… this same Madison zoo, actually. But that was two years ago (wow!) and he definitely doesn’t remember it. He was thrilled to go this time and see the animals in person that we’re always talking and reading about. Rebecca was excited, too, and couldn’t stop staring and squealing at the the animals.

I think it’s

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Happy Summer! A Dickey family photo overload!

Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing 4th of July! We usually spend it at the lakehouse, but this year we got the itch for home improvement… and we stayed home all weekend to clean, organize, and paint! Ah, the things that excite you when you get “old,” haha.

We spent the 4th of July at a friend’s pool for a cookout. Ryan and Rebecca made their own festive shirts and were in bed long before the fireworks 😉 The picture above is the best I could get of the two of them

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Straight from the mouth of my 3 year old

I saw this awhile ago on Little BGCG’s blog, but at the time Ryan refused to answer any questions, haha. I just got him to sit down and chat with me… some of these questions he came up with an answer right away, but some of them I had to give him a big list of things and he picked one (like favorite holiday and favorite toy).

1. What is your favorite color? green and purple and blue and orange and yellow

2. What is your favorite toy? my bike


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siblings, FTW