Baby Shower #3

Ok, third and final! This one was thrown for Steve’s side of the family by his sister, aunt and cousin (in law). Wonderful ladies! They had a picture board that everyone signed and wrote nice messages on. Once baby is born, a family picture will go in and it will be framed 🙂 Love it! We played a word scramble of baby related things—it was tough! We guessed how many pacifier candies were in a jar… and each gift was given a random number and when I opened that present, everyone had to mark

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Baby Shower #2

This shower was co-ed and thrown by my friend Joanna who I’ve known since elementary school 🙂 Before the shower Joanna asked me a bunch of questions regarding parenting style…. like what we’d do if Ryan failed a class or got a tattoo or didn’t want to go to college… they were tough! At the shower, Steve had to answer with what he thought I had said. It was hard because we’ve never talked about that stuff. Sure, we’ve discussed plans for baby, but not so much past age 5, haha. The fun part:

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Baby Shower #1

I’m way behind on posting these… and on sending out the thank you cards (sorry!!) My first shower was thrown by my mom with help from my MIL and great friend Joanna. I was 32 weeks along and the shower was mainly for my side of the family.


Everyone had to guess how big my belly was by cutting a length of ribbon… most people thought I was HUGE! haha. But Jan (mom of one of my childhood best friends) got the measurement EXACTLY! She had taken her time cutting the

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Decorating: the bathroom

We live in an apartment now with only 1 bathroom. After seeing this set at Target, we decided to pack up all our fancy “adult” bathroom decorations and set it up for baby. But who are we kidding… we love it too!!! Plus, it matches our entire theme of jungle/safari animals.

Everything was given to us as shower gifts—thank you!! There’s even a hooded monkey towel that has a little tail on the back end!! I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s hanging in our bathroom. TOO CUTE!

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