How To Get Your Toddler To Love The Pool!

Guest Post

I watched my sister Linda as she took her toddler out to the family pool for the first time and I even got to help with the orientation. It was fascinating to see how Linda worked with the youngster, to make sure his first pool experience was positive. Here’s what she did:

She started slow. Linda is great at doing research on a new topic, so that’s what she did with her toddler and the pool. She read that it is best to start early and allow the child to just get

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Cozumel beaches from vacation

Last week we were in Cozumel for a family vacation. It was our first time there and was wonderful! Yes, you can take the kids to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico 😉 They had awesome things for kids and the beach was perfect for them. I’ll have more on our family vacation later… in the meantime I just wanted to share the gorgeousness of the beaches! This is at the Park Royal resort… the beach area is surrounded on both sides by a pool with swim up bar, hot tub,

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how do you stay safe in the summer sun?

We’re pretty fair skinned in my family… okay, Steve tans a LOT better than I do, but he’s still Scandinavian, like me, so he doesn’t get too carried away. I don’t even know what the word “tan” means, I just like to go straight to “red,” if anything, because that lobster look is so hot. Right???

So it makes me worry about my babies being out in the sun! I mean, have you seen Ryan’s completely perfect skin and fair complexion?

My little cutie pie 🙂 Anyway,

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The Bubble Club! Ryan’s first swim class

Ryan LOVES the water so of course I signed him up for a mommy-and-me type swim class called the Bubble Club. It’s for ages 6 months to 3 years… beginners in the water. It’s at a nearby outdoor pool, so I made sure to choose the course in mid-July so it’d be warm enough and I picked the time slot 6:10-6:40 because I knew he’d be awake then. Right before bedtime–perfect to get him good and tired!

Today was the first class. (Yesterday’s was canceled due to rain). There were 7 other kids signed

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Ryan went swimming!

Today was disgustingly hot. 90 degrees and humid. I decided to try out Ryan’s new swimsuit and head to my mom’s house to swim in her “hot” tub. On the way over, I stopped at the store to get some swim diapers and a floaty for Ryan to sit in. I have a sling that I can wear in the water, but I thought the floaty would be fun for him to kick around in. He LOVED it! His little legs were kicking away and he was splashing all over, it was the cutest

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