Best Buy Gift Ideas & Discounts

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

When I need tech gifts or want to see the latest appliances, I also think of Best Buy. They’re the go-to destination for all your technology and appliance product gifting needs this holiday season! Why? There are over 100 products that will be sold ONLY at Best Buy stores this holiday season. They also offer a market-leading selection of the hottest tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and titles, wearable technology,

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Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores & Zact: a cheaper smartphone option

This post about Zact and Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores was written in a partnership with Best Buy. All opinions are my own.

People are always looking for ways to cut down expenses and lower their bills. Households manage this in different ways, like getting rid of satellite TV or trips to the coffee shop. One way we’ve cut down is by getting rid of our land line phone and most people I know have done the same. However, that has left us with pretty expensive monthly bills for our smartphones. Now, there’s another

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my mobility OOPS! moments with Asurion

This post was created in partnership with Asurion, but all thoughts are my own.

How many times have you dropped, broken, or lost your cell phone? I’m better with mine now (knock on wood), but I definitely remember my teenage years… the time I set it on top of my car at the gas station, forgot it was there, and drove away (to find it later smashed in a million pieces on the side of the road)… or the time I left it on an airport seat before boarding my plane… or how about

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YesVideo’s new iPad app to #RememberWhen!

Did you ever imagine you’d be able to take old video of your childhood or memories you may have thought were lost and gone forever and watch them on your iPad?! Convert your old media with YesVideo, download their NEW iPad app, and relive those vintage feelings.

I’ve had a lot of old VHS tapes converted to digital files by YesVideo. I absolutely love being able to watch the old film like it’s new again… memories of my Grandpa who passed away almost 4 years ago that I thought

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Super Duper apps for kids (giveaway)

Ryan has always loved playing on the iPad and I’ve always been on the search for the best apps–the ones that are educational, but also fun for a toddler. Now Ryan is also really getting into imaginative play that includes story telling. He asks questions about everything… he wants to know how everything works and what it does. I recently got to try out some iPad apps for kids from Super Duper. I love the name because they certainly are super duper apps!

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that one time… my phone was in the fridge

Ryan is a tech genius at age 3. He knows more about my iPhone and my iPad than I do. No seriously, sometimes I ask him how to change certain settings or tell him to fix something for me. Ridiculous. A kid-friendly iPhone case is a MUST in this house.

The upside is that Apple has become the best babysitter in our house. The downside is that sometimes it’s hard to get him away from those gadgets (especially in the winter–otherwise he’d be outside!). The WORST is when he decides to

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HGG: Duo Games giveaway {two winners!}

Duo Games, a unit of Discovery Bay Games, creates fun “digital + physical” gameplay. They have a whole line of products to play with your iPad, something for everyone whether you’re a “gamer” or not… turn your iPad into a pinball machine or an arcade game… play trivia games with your friends…

For our review we were sent two products from Duo Games. First, the Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station.

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