How to choose a photographer

We have hired MANY different photographers since having kids. Newborn photos, various milestones over the first year, family pictures, maternity sessions, and holidays. We’ve found photographers we’ll never use again and ones we’ll continue to hire… investing that time and money can be hard! I worked with friends at Catalyst Design & Photography in Rockford IL to come up with these tips on how to choose a photographer.

How to choose a photographer:

1. Meet your photographer in person before working with them, if possible. Chemistry with your photographer

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Snack Packs: tips for a great start!

I’m thrilled to be kicking off the Tips for a Great Start with Team Kellogg’s today on Tip #1! We all want every day to be great, of course, and the best way to get there is by beginning the day on the right note! Tip #1 is all about keeping up your great start and recharging with snack packs.

Snacks definitely keep us moving when we’re on-the-go and if I ever leave the house without them it’s an immediate regret. You KNOW when you’re out without snacks, your child

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Blogging Tips & Goals for 2014: a 2013 review of Baby Dickey

Now that we’re into 2014 I can look back on the past year and see how things went for Baby Dickey. I compare year to year and look at top posts and top traffic sources. It helps me make a plan of attack for the upcoming year and create some blogging tips & goals… what worked and what didn’t? What posts do the best? Where should I increase promotion of my content or where can I save time? I don’t stress too much about numbers because… I don’t like stress 😉 But I think

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Tips for a Great Start with Team Kellogg’s!

Tips for a Great Start with Team Kellogg’s

I’m thrilled to announce that Kellogg’s and I are teaming up this winter to ensure we all get off to great starts when we need them most! Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing tips for a great start with Team Kellogg’s on how we start our day and save a little sanity 🙂 Check back over the next month for ways to cure cabin fever, how to form better habits, healthy eating goals, and more! I’ll have ideas on recharging for the

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