Summer Fashions with Stella Cove

If you haven’t shopped with Stella Cove before, bookmark it and add it to your new favorites! That wish-list on Pinterest, birthday gift ideas, and special occasion outfits… Stella Cove! Adorable clothes for girls, awesome swimsuits and rash guards for boys, sunglasses and shoes, even bikinis for women.

We were recently sent some items to try out for Rebecca. SO CUTE! We got size 2, which Rebecca just started wearing, and the clothes fit great if not a little big (the dresses are long). I am sure they will

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Spring & summer sandals with pediped

I think shoes that allow for proper development of growing feet is really important. My mom was the one that always drilled that into my head years ago and now that I have kids of my own, I want to make sure they have proper shoes! I’ve written about pediped here before because they’re a go-to brand for us. They’re great for growing feet and they are all super cute, too! Actually, Ryan (our 4yo) has a number of shoes, but ALWAYS insists on wearing Read More…

How To Get Your Toddler To Love The Pool!

Guest Post

I watched my sister Linda as she took her toddler out to the family pool for the first time and I even got to help with the orientation. It was fascinating to see how Linda worked with the youngster, to make sure his first pool experience was positive. Here’s what she did:

She started slow. Linda is great at doing research on a new topic, so that’s what she did with her toddler and the pool. She read that it is best to start early and allow the child to just get

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Toys for Growing Toddlers: Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber

~Product was received from Step2 to facilitate this review. All opinions, photos, and videos are of my contributor, Joanna.

These days, little E is a ball of energy. When she turned 15 months old, I felt like all she wanted to do was climb, run, and use her body in a BIG way. Unfortunately, her 15 month “birthday” came right around December. Talk about cabin fever! I knew we needed to find a way that she could use up some of that energy. That’s why I was SO excited when Emily offered the Read More…

Creating a quiet space for kids

There’s so much parenting advice out there for you to read–on every topic imaginable. As we’ve gone through the “terrible twos” and the “threenager” years with Ryan (and we’re about to with Rebecca), I feel like I’ve read it all. And you know what it all says? Every kid is different. One article will say do this and the next article will say do that. What works for one kid, won’t work for another. I’ve tried a lot of different tactics and this is one I really like and so do the kids, so

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Holiday Gifts: Super Duper Publications (discount code)

You’ve heard about Super Duper Publications from me before–we LOVE their games and have quite a few! So we were excited to be offered more for review and to share them with you. Super Duper Publications is one of my favorites because the games are so much fun and educational, too! One of Ryan’s favorites is the MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit. We got 5 new ones so to break up all the info a bit, I’ll share the first two with you here.

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Kids Camera Gift Idea: Playskool’s Showcam

I love taking photos, especially since having kids! I mean, everything they do is cute, right? 😉 My kids have followed my love of photo taking, probably because they see me so often with my camera. Ryan (almost 4-years-old) is always trying to take my camera to snap some shots…. but it’s an $800 camera, sooo… eek! Sometimes I let him use my iPhone camera, but that’s still not a good idea! I knew I needed to get him a great kids camera. Playskool sent us their new Showcam to review!

Playskool’s Showcam: a

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