DIY kids ghost shirt for Halloween

Last year we made spider shirts for Halloween with Ryan’s handprints. He was so proud of that shirt and wanted to wear it all the time… it’s a little too small now so I wanted to make new ones. And now that we have child #2, I wanted her to make a shirt, too!

I couldn’t find plain orange shirts this year so I went with the black ones. Luckily they had Rebecca’s size, too (in the boys section). Hmm… what to put

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Homemade playdough goo tutorial

When we took a road trip 5 hours from here, I wanted LOTS of things for Ryan to do in the car so he’d stay happy (and I’d stay sane). I thought of making homemade play-doh, but thought that could get messy in the car so I made something similar–GOO!

And since we used it on a road trip, I kept the goo in plastic bags. Maybe not AS fun for the kid, haha, but still lots of fun to mix up and smoosh around! TIP:

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How to make a pregnant skeleton costume for Halloween

Pregnant Skeleton Costume

A long time ago my friend Kristin emailed me a Halloween costume idea and I fell in love. It was a homemade pregnant skeleton costume–complete with a skeleton baby–and a matching set for the dad with whatever he loves in his belly! I was dead set on making these for us and with Halloween still months away, I thought I had PLENTY of time even though we were closing on a new house on Halloween.

I was

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Puppet theater DIY tutorial

I think puppet theaters are sooo cute–and what a great way to get your kid to have some imaginative play time!–but some of the ones out there you can buy are so expensive.

I wanted something for Ryan to do with his great-grandma when he goes to visit… I thought putting on puppet shows was a great idea! Plus, my grandma lives at an assisted-living place and everyone there gets so excited when Ryan comes to visit–I mean, he’s so cute, I don’t blame them 😉 so I thought

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Calendar board tutorial

I am terrible at cooking dinner and I *think* (hope?) that if I plan out meals in advance and know what I need to buy at the grocery store, I’ll be more likely to cook. I’m one of those people that must have a recipe to cook with. Unlike my husband, I’m missing the gene that allows you to throw random food together and have it taste delicious.

So… I’ve been wanting a calendar/white board/to-do list type board for a long time. I know you can buy things like this, but I thought it’d

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