Family memories captured with YesVideo

Life is all about memories, right? We take photos and videos, we write journals and make scrapbooks, and we sit and reminisce and tell stories. I’ve talked a lot about YesVideo here on my blog because I love their memory-making services. They take photographs and video (tapes, files, etc.) and convert them to digital files and DVD, allowing you to watch and share anywhere!

My family has used their services many times with old VHS tapes. We don’t even own a VHS player anymore and some tapes were unplayable anyway.

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The NEW YesVideo iPhone App!

~This post was written in a partnership with YesVideo. All opinions are my own!

Our family has preserved many memories through YesVideo’s video transfer services so I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about them before! We still have a stack to send to YesVideo and do a little at a time. They’re mainly VHS tapes from when my brother and I were little and it’s so fun to see those moments now that I have my own little ones–and to see our childhood dog and Grandpa again 🙂

I’m thrilled that

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Me at 6 years old: YesVideo transfer services with CVS

I love watching our old family videos. I’m sure there was a time I found them boring (or embarrassing, ha), but now I love them… I see my own kids in my brother and me; Ryan especially looks like my brother Jeff when he was little. However, all our old family videos are on VHS! Eeek. We don’t have a VHS player at all, but my parents still do… probably just for this very reason! But they only worsen in quality over the years and my mom is making an effort to

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how do you teach your kids to be compassionate?

As an adult, I’m saddened at how often I see others acting unkind or rude. My son, who will be 3 in December, is the biggest sweetheart EVER. I often think about his innocence and his compassion and wonder how I can preserve it. I want him to stay a sweetheart. I want him to always be compassionate and kind and caring, just as he is now.

Sometimes I tell Ryan that there are adults that don’t know as much as he does… that don’t behave as well as he can.

We donate on

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sleepytime lullaby

Do you have a certain song you like to sing to each of your kids? Rebecca loves when I sing and instantly calms down… Ryan used to like my singing, but most of the time he now tells me to stop LOL–unless of course he’s tired, then it helps him fall asleep 🙂 I love singing to my babies.

Ryan’s song has always been “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” He even has a sign above his bed that says it. Rebecca’s song is “You Are My Sunshine.” But

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Totally ridiculous!

a video full of giggles!

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to a waterpark hotel in Wisconsin with the kiddos for a weekend. It was a lot of fun and my mom got this video of Rebecca giggling away! That’s my mom talking to her and recording on her iPhone…

There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s giggles!! <3 Ryan was a little over it at the moment, haha, but he gets his own crazy giggling fits, too… I need to catch it on camera!