Video: Rebecca’s sweet big brother

The name of our baby girl is…

I took this video of Ryan around Thanksgiving and kept forgetting to upload and post it. A lot of people have been asking recently what in the world we’re naming our baby girl so I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve said the name a few times on my personal facebook page and maybe even on Pinterest tags, etc, but haven’t announced it here yet….

And since Ryan is such a proud big brother, I thought I’d let him share the news 🙂 He knows her name well (although he can’t really say the

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My giggling baby boy

Did you know I have the silliest, cutest little boy ever? I might be biased 😉

Ryan’s present-opening tactic (video)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryan is soooooooooooo ready for those Thanksgiving mashed potatoes! Hahaha. And I am sooooo thankful for my adorable little boy 🙂


What’s up with gas prices?

I had the opportunity to be a Cheap Gas Blog Reporter and I went to our local college, Rockford College, to do a video interview with one of the economics professors. It was fun to be a faux-reporter for an hour and I learned a lot! I asked some tough questions too–about when prices will peak and if investors impact the cost. Dr. Moallem did a great job! Disclosure: This video/blog post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective

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First puddle exploration

Ryan was at my mom’s house the other day while I was at work and he found his first puddle!!! Thank goodness my mom caught it on camera. It’s hilarious–at first he has no idea what’s going on, but then he has to run over it over and over and fall in it and run in it. Too cute! I’m not biased either, it’s really that great. So you should watch it 😉

It’s fascinating to see his mind working and growing every single day. Amazing. Love.

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