Party Time!

I’m heading home this weekend (on Thursday) for Joanna’s bridal shower on Friday and her bachelorette party Saturday-Sunday. This includes a trip to Chicago, pole dancing lessons, limo and bars well into the night. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be at least one picture taken of preggo on a pole. (Congrats to Joanna! Wedding June 27th!)

And thank goodness I got that book of Pregnancy Tips from Jacalyn to remind me how to behave this weekend:

Mr. and Mrs. Rooney!

This weekend Steve and I went to MN for a friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the bride and her dress were gorgeous and the dessert was HEAVEN. Congrats Alison and Tom!!!

My camera is broken so I had settle with my iPhone camera… and Steve downloaded an app called “Color Splash” and he was having fun with it all night:

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The beautiful bride! See that gorgeous dress? I kept talking about it all night 😉 You looked great, Alison!

Steve using the color splash..

They had a photo booth (awesome!) and funny props set out for the guests to use. Steve was a natural in those glasses.

We had a great time!

Steve also thought Alison looked beautiful, he kept trying to take her picture 😉

Pretty hair!!

Very cool looking cake. But this isn’t what we ate for dessert… we had something like chocolate heaven. Yum!!

Steve having more fun with color splash

I think Steve meant to color splash this one, but didn’t get around to it

Signing the guestbook. We noticed that both George W. Bush and Obama were apparently attending, haha

Walking through the skywalk back to our hotel

Steve was just really enjoying taking pictures of me

The reception hall was, like everything else, beautiful!

The centerpiece! Loved it!

The lovebirds

Rach and Sean… and Steve again playing with color splash

Of course these two brought scotch and drank it (like men) in the hotel room. Don’t worry, Steve joined in and had a manly drink too.

Steve being a dork.. I mean, being normal. Pretty hot.