What this WAHM has been up to…

When Ryan was a baby I was teaching anatomy and physiology classes at our local college, but I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom now for over a year. I’m incredibly lucky that I’m able to stay home with the two kids while they’re still little. I have an open invitation to teach at the college again when I’m ready, but honestly I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.

I’ve never been good at sitting still… I’m happiest when I’m busy and I like being a hard worker. My passion used to be with the sciences

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full-time mom, full-time writer, full-time stressed.

WOW where is this summer going?! I used to be able to get so much done during the day… not just around the house, but also on the blogs… but now? I’m so.behind. And I don’t think it’s the addition of kid #2, I think it’s Ryan’s age. He has to be constantly entertained and kept occupied. Or else. You don’t want to know. lol.

It’s my goal to get out of the house every day. I really try to make plans and we do keep busy. We have season passes to a nearby

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NCAA Themed Office Party

This year for March Madness I wanted to do something fun down at the office. I was reading in an article that companies lose about $4 billion during the NCAA tournament due to lost productivity. If it’s going to happen, why not make it a fun experience? As you know I work for my Father in law and pretty much my husband’s whole family works at the small, family run business. There’s no way they could say no to me, especially when they saw what I had planned and

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So… my husband lost his job

Last week on Tuesday, February 8th, I was sitting at my desk when I heard the front door open. Steve wasn’t supposed to be home from work for hours so my jaw was dropped before I even heard the news.

“I was sent home. I think I just lost my job.”

To say we were shocked is an understatement. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of a clue that this was going to happen.

So here we are… I work part-time and we have savings… Steve’s searching for a new job. We’ll be okay

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My [short] stint as a SAHM [stay at home mom]

I went back to work 6 weeks after Ryan was born. I quit when he was 7 months old and started a new job immediately after. But something that’s more than a little awesome? I teach [college] so I have a super long winter break…. about 5 weeks off! Granted, my winter “break” was jam packed with activities, but I was absolutely a SAHM for a month.

It was tough, not gonna lie.

It was so easy to get stuck in a rut–I blame this nasty cold thing we call winter–but my energy to

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Cora in the Classroom

You probably know by now (I hope) all about Cora. I think about her every day and write about her often. I give my students extra credit for participating on the 30th of each month in Wear Pink for Cora day. I wrote about the stories I heard and the pink I saw after August 30th. Well, another month has gone by and another of Cora’s birthdays has been celebrated. I collected the stories from my students again…….

Many wore pink. Many spread the word

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Cora in the classroom

I started teaching this fall at our community college. The subject is human biology and I thought it was the perfect place to spread the word about CHD and Cora. I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how I’m offering my students extra credit on the 30th of every month if they do 2 of these 3 things: 1) wear pink 2) tell someone about CHD and 3) do a random act of kindness.

On the 30th of August I only saw 2 of my 4 classes. If

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