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I really need to get more organized with photos and memories. Since most things are digital now, I have photos organized (for the most part) by month and year on my hard drive…. but as I’ve used a few different laptops in previous years, older photos are kind of ALL over the place. Not to mention old photographs, VHS tapes, and camcorder tapes. EEK. What a job.

Now that I have kids I have a much stronger desire to keep things like that organized and to preserve those precious photos and memories the best

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Christmas Memories: 2012

I love the holiday season and getting the house all decorated and festive. I love the magic of Santa and counting down to Christmas with Ryan. I love hanging the stockings and filling them with goodies. I love reading The Night Before Christmas and leaving out homemade cookies and milk. I love creating memories with the family.

I want to share some of those memories with you… crafts we have made during the holiday season, Christmas decor and gift ideas involving the kids, and a way to document it all. (Some of these I

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holding on to the memories

Some of you know that my grandpa passed away December 2009, just a few short weeks before my son was born… my grandpa’s first grandchild. I think of him a lot. Day to day there are passing things that make me think of him for a short while–the certain way I say or hear a word, classical music on the radio, the moon in the sky, even my son’s blue eyes. My grandpa was the kindest person I’ve ever known… he always had a smile for you and he was the type of person

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