The Best Educational Kids Shows on Netflix

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Streaming services like Netflix are proving to be invaluable for parents at a time when many of them are homeschooling their kids. Screen time can be educational as well as entertaining and can give parents a chance to get some of the other tasks on their list done. Here are some of the best educational shows for kids on Netflix:


 Brainchild is suitable for children of seven and older. It is a documentary series that addresses various topics we should know about, such as germs, social media, space, superheroes, dreams, oceans and emotions. The science of the world is explained in a funny, smart and unique way that kids will enjoy. 

There is one season with 13 different episodes. Teaching kids how to download Netflix shows on Mac means they can go back and watch a specific episode at any time they choose, such as when they are covering the specific subject in their curriculum. 

Ask the StoryBots 

The show features little creatures living inside computers, who are very curious and go on adventures to find the answers to questions. 

This is an Emmy award-winning show with many famous guest stars, such as Wanda Sykes and Weird Al Yankovich. It tackles some of the questions kids commonly ask, such as “Why do I have to brush my teeth?” Field trips and fun songs make learning enjoyable. 

The Cat and the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

This show is based on the book by Dr. Seuss and follows the adventures of two children, Nick and Sally, aged six. They are transported by a contraption called the Thinga-ma-jigger that can float, fly and drive on adventures with the Cat. They learn about natural science by visiting places like the sea’s bottom and the rainforest. 

Each episode starts with a question and kids learn the answers in the course of Nick and Sally’s escapades. With the help of thing 1 and thing 2, the Cat in the Hat teaches kids through songs and games.  

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The Magic School Bus is an old television series and The Magic School Bus Rides Again is an updated version. This animated sequel features Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister, Fiona, who now has the school bus keys. 

Each episode introduces a broad scientific concept and follows a class as they go on a magical field trip. They travel under the sea, to outer space and even inside the human body as they explore topics such as ocean zones, fossils and allergies. A parallel story involves a lesson one or more of the characters learn from the experience. 

Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts is an educational cartoon adventure show that teaches kids about new animals and the importance of conservation. It follows two zoologist brothers who morph into animated forms and explore wildlife throughout the world. 

They have creature power suits so they experience how it is to be the animals they find. Each adventure explores another science concept central to the life of an animal and showcases a wildlife moment. Kids will enjoy engaging stories of rescue, adventure and mystery told in a comedic way. 

The Who Was? Show

This is a show that brings historical figures to life in comedy sketches. The characters are impersonated by teenagers in a way that is not only educational but hilarious and makes learning history far more appealing. 

Episode 5 is one of the best episodes and is about Marie Antoinette, the hated queen of France and Louis Armstrong, the legendary king of Jazz. In episode 8, we see Marie Curie, a scientist, and Harry Houdini, a well-known illusionist. 

Episode 12 takes kids to the Renaissance that led to the rebirth of science and art and saw the rise of a royal icon, Queen Elizabeth, and Galileo, an astronomer who changed how people thought about the world. This series is geared towards teens and older kids. 

The Healing Powers of Dude

This is a comedy the whole family will enjoy. Noah Ferris is an 11-year old kid with social anxiety disorder. After years of homeschooling, Noah decides to give the middle school a chance. His parents get him a high-energy, scruffy support dog called Dude to help him navigate the new environment. 

The unlikely pair is faced by wisecracking teens and a cat-obsessed school principal. Noah makes some fearless friends, one of whom has muscular dystrophy. This uplifting show helps to teach empathy, kindness, courage, inclusion, family values, and standing up for what is right. 


As parents all over the world turn to virtual learning, they need every tool they can to make it work. Fortunately, Netflix comes to the rescue. From preschool kids to teens, there are shows that will not only keep them entertained but educate them along the way without them even realizing how much they are learning. 


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4 Ways to Keep Museum Visits Fun

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Taking kids to the museum can be challenging. How often do you hear them ask when they’re going home, state that this is boring, or ask why they have to be here? Once you hear that, you know that they’re no longer having fun and are completely disconnected from what you’re doing.

However, we want kids to be engaged with museums because they offer so much to people of all ages. You have the chance to see paintings and artifacts that are hundreds and thousands of years old up close. Plus, you get to learn more about history in a way that’s outside a classroom or a book.

So, for your next museum trip, here are four ways to help keep your children engaged and make the trip fun!

Watch a Related Movie First

You can find a movie about almost anything nowadays, including artifacts and other items in a museum. Depending on which museum you’re going to and what exhibit you’re visiting, find a movie that explains the history behind it.

You’ll find that not only will your kids learn more about the exhibit and have a better understanding when they get there, but it also keeps them more engaged. It gives them a sense of “being there” as they walk through the exhibit and relate it back to the movie.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to keep children entertained and secretly learn something at the same time. You can plan your own mini scavenger hunt before you go to the museum or even see if the museum itself has scavenger hunts made for children.

Have clues planned out that match with the exhibit you’re visiting. Your kids then have to decipher the clues to lead them to the next painting or artifact to view. It helps make things more exciting as they successfully lead you through the museum with each clue they answer.

Let Them Be the Leader

Instead of taking your child throughout the museum, let your child lead you. When they’re in charge, it not only gives them a sense of responsibility, it also can be a lot of fun for them (especially when they’re in charge of their parent).

Give them a map of the museum and circle the exhibits you both want to visit. Then, let him or her guide you around. Of course, if he or she gets stuck, you’ll want to help out a bit.

Play a Game

When we say play a game, we don’t mean something that involves children running around and screaming. Instead, play a game that gets your child to interact with the exhibit. You could have your child pose and mimic the artifact or painting and snap a photo (ensure the museum allows photos ahead of time).

You can also play “I Spy,” or “20 Questions.” Have something in mind around the museum and get your children to guess what you’re thinking of by asking questions. Once they have an idea, have them lead you over to their answer.

Keep museums fun and engaging for children by incorporating ideas that they’ll love. Using quite games that are respectful or the museum will help prevent them from becoming bored and wanting to go home right away.

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