Gestational Age

Okay, some people are confused because I wrote that we were about 5 weeks along… that is based on “gestational age.” Technically, this “incident” happened 3 weeks ago 🙂 (March 28, to be exact!), but they (those crazy doctor baby people) start counting from the last day of the last period = just over 5 weeks.

Based on a $3 iPhone iPregnancy application, haha, our due date is Saturday, December 19th, but our doctor appt will be this week and we’ll let you know what date they give us!

This is what’s new with the baby this week:
*0.120 inches in length
*tissues differentiating rapidly
*organogenesis occurs now through the next 5 weeks
*forming a primitive heart and blood vessels
*heart begins to pump blood
*neural plate forms (later becomes brain, spinal cord and nerves)
*beginnings of the lungs, intestines and urinary system form

WOW that seems like a lot for how little this baby is!

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