Week 7

Our own calculations were a few days off according to the doctor, so we’re already starting week 7 today!
*Hands and feet are emerging from arms and legs (like paddles–not individual fingers and toes)
* Doubled in size since last week (no wonder I’m ALWAYS tired and hungry)
*1/2 inch in size
*The size of a blueberry!
*Eyelid folds
*Eyes already have some color!
*Liver producing RBC (until bone marrow can take over)
*Brain is growing
*Has appendix and pancreas
*A loop in the growing intestines is bulging into the umbilical cord


*My uterus has DOUBLED in size over the last 5 weeks, ugh
*”Eating may feel like a chore” — YES! I am hungry ALL the time, but nothing EVER sounds good. I have to make myself eat (or really, Steve makes me eat).
*I have 10% more blood (I just counted.. my heart rate is 80 bpm)
*I should be experiencing morning sickness at this time, but I’m not. Mornings are when I feel my best, actually (so far). I tend to go downhill as the day goes on and I feel my worst at night–tired, achy, crampy, nauseous. So my morning sickness (sans vomiting) occurs at night.
*If I’ve gained any weight, it’s only like a pound. I mainly feel bloated (um, uterus doubled in size already) and am about to switch to my sports bra.

It’s going well! Boss #1 left for MN yesterday morning and boss #2 stopped in to give me my keys and then headed back to NE. Won’t see him again for 2 weeks, guess they trust me! 🙂 They hired another girl to work 10 hours a week (to fill out my 30 hours) and she’ll be more nights and weekends. I’m excited to start, but I’ll be in training with the current manager for another week. BTW, Steve is enjoying his job too–he’s doing water quality tests for a biosystems engineering lab! He says he’s in the lab with a bunch of chatty women, haha 🙂

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  • Grand-mama D

    Is that picture of you now or week 1 – i couldn’t read that number. Well you look GREAT! 🙂 Isn’t it something how this little baby is developing and only the size of a blueberry! Wow! I can’t believe you are almost 2 months! You will feel great after the 3rd month. I am happy that you do not throw up, etc. As I said, I never did either. You say nothing sounds good! Haha I remember that! I am sure Steve won’t let you live on Cocoa Krispies like I did! Red meat/hamburger esp. nauseating?? Love you, Emily. I cannot WAIT to see you.


  • erdickey

    That picture of me was from this morning… week 7.

    I hope I feel better after the 3rd month! I didn’t think I felt bad now, because I haven’t been throwing up, but my stomach always seems upset and I can’t go 2 hours without eating, but nothing sounds appetizing at all. ugh.


  • Grand-mama D

    Nothing at all??? Not even cereal?


  • Rachel Thompson

    uggh..I just made stuffed french toast (with PB and banana) topped with syrup followed by a glass of chocolate milk. I also made banana bread. can I tempt you with either of those? (why am I craving banana foods? And i do feel like i’m gonna barf..who’s the pregnant one here?)


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