Mr. and Mrs. Rooney!

This weekend Steve and I went to MN for a friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the bride and her dress were gorgeous and the dessert was HEAVEN. Congrats Alison and Tom!!!

My camera is broken so I had settle with my iPhone camera… and Steve downloaded an app called “Color Splash” and he was having fun with it all night:

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  • grandpa d

    wow Steve…I have a whole new perspective of you. Looking at your pictures, I can not remember whenever I saw you look so dignified, yet suave at the same time. I always knew that marrying my daughter would impel you to reach for extraordinary success and status. By golly, I think you have definitely achieved such status. Without a doubt and without hesitation, I must admit that I now see, with such extreme clarity, that you are definitely a true cub fan.

    love you big eyes,
    dad d


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