Mother's Day Part 2

Steve took me shopping today to look at baby things because I was cranky yesterday….  🙂 It’s hard to shop before knowing the sex of the baby and we were looking at strollers… but I decided I needed to do more research before buying one. So we bought some toys and a Boppy!

They didn’t have a ton of toys for newborns, but we got some good ones. My favorite is on the left: the hungry caterpillar rattle. Who doesn’t love that book?! Steve’s favorite is in the middle: the musical glowworm. The different body sections can be pulled apart and it makes noises and lights up. Finally, on the right, are water filled teething rings that you keep in the fridge. Awww, all so cute 🙂

newborn toys

And the Boppy! I’ve been eyeing these for awhile. It’s a little “c” shaped pillow that the baby can lay in or later use for support when sitting up. Moms also rave about their use during breast feeding. We bought one that already came with a slipcover because it was way cheaper than buying them separately… so it’s kind of gender neutral (we’d rather put a girl in something blue than a boy in something pink).


boppy pics

Then, for my first mother’s day (thanks for ALL the wishes, everyone!), I treated myself to an asiago bagel from Bruegger’s–YUM! and a fountain coke = heaven. Don’t worry, it was a small. Then the Cubbies won 🙂 and now we’re watching the movie Australia. Ohhhh how much I miss Australia.

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  • grandpa d

    Steve…don’t forget…your day is coming in June and then Emily will have to take you shopping. Just act a little cranky the day before. These women are very clever, but we can also learn from it. I’m certain the new baby should have some new golf balls, ping pong balls, or something like that.


  • Grand-mama D

    Ohhh..! Cute stuff Em. Well I have never heard of a Boppy…lol nice name for it for sure. Looks exciting!!!!


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