Ughhh–yes, that's how I feel.

Well this is a new feeling…. beginning several days ago, I become nauseous after every meal. I have been trying to eat smaller amounts, slowly and more frequently, but I basically feel sick all the time. Steve says it’s indigestion, which is a symptom of pregnancy, I’ve just never had it before so I don’t really know what to expect. But it sucks!! And when I let myself get too hungry (like after being Β at work all evening), I eat too fast and then immediately regret it. I ended up in bed last night at 8:30pm, asleep by 9.

Work is going well.. the boss is in town this week and has been quizzing me on the training I received. But I got 2 sales yesterday and already know I’ll have at least 3 today (at least 1 sale per day is expected) so I’m doing pretty well. He asked me yesterday if the hubby and I had any kids….. hmmm…. When is the right time to tell the boss that just hired you that you’re pregnant? His question was probably a good lead in, but I didn’t take it. It’s like… surprise! Aren’t you glad you hired me?! I want to put it off as long as possible.. at least until the 2nd trimester starts, when the pregnancy is “safer.”

Speaking of work… on my first solo day (Friday), I set off the alarm and the cops came. It was wonderful and not embarrassing at all. :/

Got some pregnancy magazines in the mail from Joanna πŸ™‚ thanks so much!
Updated shopping list and added a calendar page for important dates.

Steve has yet to read his “My Boys Can Swim” book, but he is still absolutely wonderful through everything. I go into work on the weekends just to clean (for an hour or two) and he even comes with to help me.

Steve’s birthday on Thursday!!! and our 1-year anniversary on Sunday!!!
and Brian’s birthday on Monday! πŸ˜‰

Best wishes to all the Dickey’s–I’m thinking about all of you constantly.

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