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week 20 on beachI learned right before my trip to Florida that pregnant women burn faster/easier… who knew?! I was so paranoid about burning while I was there, I tried to sit in the shade and put on sunscreen constantly. Needless to say, I didn’t come back with much color–especially on my back side, being that I can’t lay on my stomach!! Haha.

But it was a great trip.. the ocean was wonderful, the waves were huge and the resort was relaxing. We spent a day at the Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall–largest in the country! We were there for 8 hours and I thought I was going to die. I did get LOTS of great maternity clothes and the shopping for them wasn’t as terrible as I thought it’d be. The jeans fit well and were soo comfy. 🙂

OH, I also got a new swimming suit that is perfect for a preggo. The lady in the store, however, said to me when I wasweek 20 from fronttrying it on, “You don’t even look pregnant, you could just look like you’re fat!” I think she was trying to be nice, but I was like.. uhh… awesome… “fat” was definitely what I was hoping for in a new swimsuit! Haha.

Some of you wondered if I made it without my daily Ramen. I did not. I brought some with me and while I didn’t eat it every day, I did make it twice…. using hot week 20 in suitwater from the coffee pot 🙂 It’s sad, really, the lengths you’ll go to!

In other news… I started my new job in IL today! It went well and I have to say… the people I work with are wonderful 🙂 AND I don’t have to hide my preggo belly! Just lettin it allllll hang out.

I’m also enjoying life in IL and not missing Iowa all that much… and our cats LOVE the new screened-in porch we have… but still 2 more weeks until Steve is home…..

And get ready, I’m setting up a bunch of giveaways.. coming soon! I’ll probably do one a week or something like that.

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One more thing… the Baby Dickey blog was featured on the Bellyitch blog! It is a very nice post and made me quite happy 🙂 Bellyitch is a wonderful site that does pregnancy blog spotlights, reviews and tips–check it out!

2 comments to Florida and other news

  • jj

    you had me cracking up! hilarious post! Ramen noodles cooked in a coffee pot…heee heeee. That lady in the maternity store! ha! Hilarious!

    Glad you like your new job and can just “let it all hang out!” you crack me up!

    thanks for the linky love!


    JJ from Bellyitch!


  • Rachel

    heyyy..who’s the hottie preggo in the swim suit!!! (cat calls) you should’ve told that woman something like “oh, and it doesn’t look like you have bad acne…just huge pot holes on your face!” or..you know… some other flaw.


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