Want to be notified after birth? Let us know!

There are a LOT of people we’ll need to notify once baby Ryan is born and we’ve found a great way to do it.

Steve and I were recently contacted by a company called “Baby’s First Phone Call” and we’re going to try it out. Basically, once the baby is born we call an 800 number and record a personalized message (“Baby Ryan was born at so-and-so time, weighing blah blah blah…  hip hip hooray!”) and then Baby’s First Phone Call will send that message out to a ton of phone numbers we entered on their website ahead of time.

Of course there will be some people we’ll call for real, but we can’t possibly call everyone. Some people we may not get to talk to for a few days. So we think this is a great way–and still personal!–to get the word out. Much better you hear it from our own voices than from facebook or twitter, right?!

PLUS.. after hearing our message, it’ll give you the option to leave US a return message, how cool is that?! Pretty exciting to me (which means you better leave us a return message! haha)

We’re working on entering all the names and phone numbers right now, so if you want to be on the list to receive our Baby’s First Phone Call message, let us know!!! Make sure we have your phone number too 😉

It’s getting close! 🙂

((Sometime after birth we’ll post a review on this service to let you know how it worked in case anyone is interested in using it!))

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