Pregnancy Week 38

2 weeks to go?! Man alive (yea, I pulled that phrase out from the early 90s). We are 266 days through (95%!) with only 14 more to go (as of this past Friday).

The Baby:
*Weighs from 6 to 7.5 pounds
*19.5 to 21 inches in length
*He has a firm grasp and his organs are ready for the outside world!
*He has probably reached his birth weight (boys are usually longer and heavier than girls–wonderful!)
*Neurons are still connecting in the brain, but this continues well after birth
*Movements are quite restricted now–I don’t know about this. He still kicks me and moves around ALL the time!

The Mom:

*picture coming later, I’m too lazy to get up 😉
*I’m huge. That’s about it.
*Take the next week to do things for yourself–decorate the nursery, take naps, read, and spend time with the hubby.
*The baby is hitting nerves as he settles down into my pelvic area–an “electric” feeling
*Lots of fatigue… some days I hardly feel like getting off the couch.
*What I should be doing now: reading baby care books, learning about breastfeeding, resting

What is hubby up to at 38 weeks pregnant? He just put together our glider and has been busy hanging things on the walls and cleaning. He is asking me to let him get one more week of work in before the baby arrives. So… mark it on the calendar… next weekend we’ll start trying crazy things to get this baby moving! 🙂

Most of you know my grandpa passed away yesterday morning. I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding the timing. I’m not really a religious person so I’m not looking for an answer in that way… it’s just… lil boy is due in less than 2 weeks. His first great-grandchild. How could our timing be off by so little? We were so close. It’s upsetting and frustrating and stupid and not fair. That’s all. (fyi, funeral on Tuesday).

Anyway… we had our preggo photo shoot on Friday and I’m excited to see the pictures, but it won’t be for a few weeks.

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