I Can’t Wait

Nope, this isn’t a sappy post about how I can’t wait to hold our baby or meet him for the first time (all that is a given, right?). This is a post about ME 😉

I can’t wait to…
*bend over without pain
*put on socks and shoes without sitting down
*skip the 2-3 bathroom trips every night
*see my belly button
*wear clothes that fit
*not get tired just from standing up
*not get light headed or dizzy from walking across the room
*properly shave my legs
*drink some gooooooooood wine
*sleep on my back and belly
*regain my balance and not trip over myself
*stop waddling like a duck
*get out of bed or off the couch easily and on my own
*let my kitties sleep on my belly again
*be able to pull myself up to the table/counter/desk without a massive belly in the way
*not spill my food down the front of me because I can’t pull myself up to the table
*sleep without a fan on me (even when it’s 0 degrees outside)
*zip up my winter coat
*no longer feel kicks to my ribs, “lightening crotch” (look it up), or pressure on my pelvic nerves
*never have heartburn again
*sleep on my sides without numbing my hips

But really, there are some things I’ll miss too…

belly shelf *using my belly as a shelf to rest things like… my arms, cell phone, cereal bowl, drinks.. I’ll REALLY miss this
*letting my belly just all hang out
*watching baby kick and move
*Steve staring at my belly in complete amazement
*Steve pampering me: always opening the car door, cooking, helping me off the couch, wedging my belly…
*living in sweat pants (I suppose this will last awhile longer, until I return to work anyway!)
*using “I’m pregnant” as an excuse for just about everything

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