My Labor Plan!

Most people make a birth plan of their labor and delivery preferences (see ours here) and now I’m making a labor plan. After my post yesterday about not wanting to be medically induced, a twitter friend recommended writing a “prescription for labor.” It can be a strong visualization tool to help you feel relaxed and prepared. She then told me to share it with everyone—it becomes THE plan… the way it IS going to happen. The point is to make it as detailed as possible… so here we go!

Day: Saturday, December 19th (one day late)
Time: Early morning, 3am

How it starts: the pain and contractions will have started the night before, on Friday the 18th. I’ll get some sleep and wake up in the early morning with strong labor pains.
Location: I’ll be at home and will stay at home as long as possible… shower, check our hospital bags, use the birthing ball, etc. Most preferably, my water will break at home after labor has begun (let’s say around 6am).

: start the night before as the same contractions I’ve been having for a month, but with some lower back pain too. They get worse and wake me up early Saturday morning.
Labor: once contractions (active labor) have been going for a few hours and my water breaks, we’ll head to the hospital. The pain will suck, but each contraction brings us closer to the end… closer to BABY! and I get through it without an epidural 🙂

Who: I’ll be with the hubby, Steve, who will probably have to be called home from work (he works nights). We’ll call our parents and let them know… they’ll arrive at the hospital and visit the labor room (taking turns, as only 3 are allowed in at a time).

Birth: I’ll have a mirror to watch it happen, I’ll push for 40 minutes, and Ryan will be born at 1:37pm. We’ll cry, Steve will cut the cord, Ryan will pass his APGARs with flying colors and we’ll go home the next day.

I feel like I made the time span way too short, but I’m being optimistic (about all parts of it—water breaking at home, pushing for 40 min, etc). Saturday the 19th is Steve’s family Christmas so there will be LOTS of people in town—all ready to come see the baby, haha. Merry Christmas!

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