Baby Shower #2

This shower was co-ed and thrown by my friend Joanna who I’ve known since elementary school 🙂 Before the shower Joanna asked me a bunch of questions regarding parenting style…. like what we’d do if Ryan failed a class or got a tattoo or didn’t want to go to college… they were tough! At the shower, Steve had to answer with what he thought I had said. It was hard because we’ve never talked about that stuff. Sure, we’ve discussed plans for baby, but not so much past age 5, haha. The fun part: if Steve got it wrong, he had to eat a spoonful of baby food and I had to feed him. It was hilarious. First he tried green beans (EW) and then squash or something. He even acted like a fussy baby, spitting it down his chin and opening his mouth only if I pretended the spoon was an airplane. Good practice! And in exchange he got a bag of M&Ms, haha.

There was a baby bottle chugging game, which was a lot harder than it looked! Who knows how those babies get so much out of those bottles, but everyone was having a really hard time. A smarty in the group decided to unscrew his cap and chug it… then screwed the cap back on before anyone noticed. Everyone was like—how’d you do that?! haha.

DSC00517Sock monkey canvas pictures from my mom

DSC00518It’s “fake wine” in my glass, no worries, haha.

Our activity mat!


As you can see in the picture, we also got our Diaper Champ! and… a wall sticker of baby’s name, some bottle nipples, a basket with diapers, nursing pads and bibs, a hand/footprint picture frame, a 1st Christmas ornament, burp cloths, bottle brush, and a photography session for maternity pictures!!! My mom gave us some glass bottles we decided not to use, so we returned them and bought our crib mattress!! Whoohoo!



I had to put this picture in because of my face, haha. We were discussing our need for a breast pump and someone suggested buying it used. I guess that was my reaction, lol.

Thanks so much everyone!!

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