2-week-old newborn baby

Lil boy Ryan is 2 weeks old today!

The first 2 weeks with Ryan flew by, especially because we spent 3.5 days in the hospital. Up until a few days ago, I thought this was the easiest thing ever (minus recovery/breastfeeding)… Ryan had been an angel! I forgot to knock on wood or something because the day after I posted that same comment on facebook, I got peed on, my mom got pooped on, and he wouldn’t stop crying. AH! Mama was going crazy–the sound of constant crying is heartbreaking and Steve and I couldn’t get him to stop, unless he was breastfeeding/asleep at the boob. I thought growth spurt? Some said tummy ache?

We had a check up with the pediatrician yesterday and were hoping Ryan was back to his birth weight (7lb 9oz). He was way past that! 7lb 15oz (a gain of 13 oz since his check up last week)–go breast milk!! The doctor called him a pig 🙂

When we told him about Ryan being fussy lately, he said (based off the huge weight gain) that Ryan’s probably feeding too often. I said- but that’s the only time he’s quiet! The doctor said that if the baby has an upset stomach, he’ll want breast for comfort and that baby’s will eat whether they’re hungry or not… so eating on a full stomach will just continue his tummy ache and it’s just one big cycle. He suggested we try to put 3 hours between feedings and just try our best to comfort him during those 3 hours. It’s hard for mama to comfort him when all he wants is breast because he smells my milk and just cries for it when I hold him. So…. we had to pick up some packages at grandma’s and she worked some magic… had him sleeping soon enough and we got 4 hours in before I fed him next!! I swear just that one break in there seemed to fix his tummy ache and we’ve been on a pretty steady schedule of feeding every 3 hours since then… even in the middle of the night, Ryan wakes up on his own every 3 hours. Lesson learned=burping baby is very important!

So back to normal… he’s an angel! (KNOCK ON WOOD!) 🙂

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  • Jenni

    love that lil’ pic of him in the cuddly brown outfit. glad he’s feeling better. happy baby = happy parents. 🙂


  • Granny

    Haha.. thanks Em for giving me a “yippee for grandma” 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • Claire

    I got similar advice from my mum when my oldest was very small as well. The “three to four hour schedule” is very old school advice, and has been linked to poor weight gain and reduced milk supply.

    This link explains it rather well: http://www.fix.net/~rprewett/evidence.html

    You have a lot of milk at the moment, and your body is reguating according to how much Ryan nurses. He knows when he wants his milkies and tells you! It may seem that he is nursing a lot at the moment, but I guarantee you he will start to space feeds out as he grows. Both of my children ate roughly every 1-1.5 hours at first, and every 2 at night, for quite a few weeks. This wasn’t a schedule that I imposed on them but just when they wanted to nurse.

    Don’t let your doctor try to tell you that Ryan is gaining too much, either. Breastfed babies often gain a lot of weight at first, and then this tapers off as they get older. (Formula fed babies tend to gain on a steadier curve, rather than in spurts.)

    You can’t overfeed a breastfed baby!


  • jstevens

    I think probiotics are great for colicky behavior. Especially since Ryan was born by c section and received some formula supplements, his gut flora may not be all that it should be. I don’t particularly like seeing breastfed babies put on too rigid of a schedule, but play it by ear and see what works for you.



  • Oh my goodness, he’s so cute! I can’t believe how alert he is in the first picture! Congratulations!


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