ModMomME: diaper clutch review

I LOVE the products at modmomME. When I got pregnant I had never even heard of Etsy and this is one of the shops that introduced me to it and started the love. I swear, I’ve tried at EVERY giveaway and contest with modmomME’s products. I never won, but was recently sent my favorite item from the shop—the wipeME and dipeME clutch. With my almost 3-week old newborn, I brought this handy thing to my mom’s—prefect for diaper changes there!

modmomme clutch
It’s an all-in-one changing station! The front flap has a velcro closure… open it up and you have a changing pad (28” x 13 3/4”), a pocket for 2-3 diapers, and a spot for a wipes case held in by 2 elastic straps:

modmomME pad  modmomME wipes

It also has a little strap to hold around your wrist or snap to your stroller. This is PERFECT if you’re in a hurry, hate large diaper bags, to keep in your car, to give to a babysitter (or grandparents, in our case!), or for quick trips to the store. Sometimes a huge diaper bag just isn’t necessary, but then where would you carry your diapers and things? OR… another great idea is to keep this handy little thing INSIDE your huge diaper bag. If you’re out at dinner or something, you can just grab this clutch and run to the bathroom for a changing. No need to lug the huge bag (which still has other things you may need, like a change of clothes).

porta poo bag Ok, I just have to show you the other things in her shop. The first thing I saw of modmomME’s was the Porta Poo Bag. It’s 4 1/4” x 3 1/2” in size and holds about 15 plastic bags… for disposing of baby’s OR puppy’s messes! Sometimes you’re out and need a place to dispose of a dirty diaper… walla! And she has so many cute patterns, plus you can just attach it to your diaper bag, stroller or dog leash.

Next up… the Key Fob/Key Chain: slides over your wrist and you’ll never lose your keys! The Nursing Clip: hold a blanket/cover around your neck while breastfeeding.. or use it to hold up your baby’s blanket while they’re riding in the stroller! The Paci Clip: no more dropped and dirty pacifiers! This clips right onto baby’s shirt. The Bib Clip: this will save you when you’re out without a bib! Take a napkin or burp cloth and create a bib. The Nursing Cover: measures 35”x29” with adjustable straps. The neckline has boning sewn in so you can watch your baby!

About modmomME: Kristen is a SAHM of 2 kids who also claims to be a “boo boo kisser, translator- fluent in baby babble and toddlernese, monster exterminator, butt wiper, personal stylist, maid, circus tamer, chef, human alarm clock and calendar, referee, num num giver, tv operator, and many other job titles for which I cannot afford to remember at this time.” 🙂

You can find her at these places: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Etsy! Enjoy!

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