Body After Baby: weight loss

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with the world, haha, but I really don’t care about my weight and know some new preggos are curious what happens post-baby.

I started at 116 lb. before getting pregnant… I gained 30 pounds, putting me at 146.

I weighed myself after coming home from the hospital… probably about one week post-partum: 140 lb. Down 6 pounds?! But the baby’s weight 7 lb 9 oz! Shouldn’t I be down AT LEAST that much?! Like I said… I really don’t care. I was just surprised–I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t take a picture of my belly then, but here’s a pregnancy picture that basically looks the same:

Yep, 6 months pregnant. That’s how I looked coming home from the hospital. Now, at a little over a month post-partum, it has gone down a LOT. I still live in yoga pants and sweatpants and my jeans still won’t zip up (but they do fit everywhere else!), but it’s getting there. Oh, at my first doctor’s appointment (16 days pp), I weighed 138… still only down 8 pounds.

But now… a month post-partum… I’m down 20 pounds. Only 10 more to go! And all due to breastfeeding and getting rid of those extra fluids from labor because I’m still recovering from my surgery and can’t get too active (not even supposed to take the stairs). I can’t wait till I can actually go for a run or something! Oh and it is weird to be able to feel my abs again! Obviously not from the outside yet, haha, but to be able to get off the couch, etc.

Anyway, here’s my 1 month pp belly pic… it used to be pretty flat, so you can clearly see there’s still a pouch. I’d say I’m down to looking 3-4 months pregnant? lol.

I Β better figure out how to wear normal clothes again… I go back to work in a week and a half! πŸ™‚ Any tips? Stories? How long did it take you to lose preggo weight or how quickly did it come off? Does the pouch ever really go away?

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11 comments to Body After Baby: weight loss

  • My OB doctor had told me that the stairs would be more helpful for my recovery.

    Maybe try wearing the bella band if you had one while pregnant..would help with the no button/zip pants =) I used them for awhile..

    You look great BTW!!!


  • You look fabulous Mommy…it will go away πŸ™‚ I’m finally losing the baby weight I put on with back to back pregnancies and my belly is getting so flat again — lots of crunches (when you are allowed of course) – gained 66lbs. during my 1st pregnancy and 3 months later preggers again – another 39lbs. – so you are doing excellent :)Love that header photo up there — precious!


  • kia

    The pouch, hmmm, I wonder if it is like a badge of courage we are supposed to carry forever? Thanks for posting on your post-partum process. I look forward to reading about your recovery and when are cleared for activity again. Until then good luck, and good luck getting dressed to go back to work. You do look great.


  • Beth

    You do look great! Wow – 20 pounds already! That did not happen to me…I was fat EVERYWHERE! Good job!


  • Thanks for sharing! You are doing a great job and looking good! I voted for you as well! Have a great day!


  • You look great!!! You definitely give me hope for getting my body back. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!


  • You’re getting it back a lot faster than I did!


  • J

    You look great!! It took 9 months for us to get that way…so you have to assume it’s gonna take AT LEAST 9 months to get back to normal, lol. My son is 3 and I’m still clinging on to those last few lbs of baby weight. (Hey, I can still claim that when he’s 30, right? LOL)

    Keep up the good work chickie!


  • lucky. I had no water retention so breastfeeding hasn’t helped me lose a pound. 10w PP and i am still the same weight i was when i left the hospital! And i EBF & my calorie intake is way under what is suggested for BFing moms (not on purpose, food allergies makes it hard for me to eat much) πŸ™ I have 50lbs to lose still.


  • Kelly L

    Can’t you use that bella band thing from when you were pregnant? Hell, I should get one of those so I can wear my old jeans that don’t fit. Not pregnant, just fat! hahaha. *cough*


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