Life and Body After Baby: 8 weeks post-partum

Whew, time flies! First, I want to thank all my readers for sticking around through this New Mom Event. I got wayyy more sponsors than I thought I would and underestimated how long it’d take me to get through all of them (while taking care of a newborn). It seems like all I do is post reviews and giveaways now, but don’t worry… once they’re all over (SOON! promise!), I’ll be back to writing about pregnancy/baby/family, etc. And I can’t wait! So, again, thank you 🙂

Body after baby: I’m down 22 pounds I think, still 8 more to go to pre-pregnancy weight. Even if I reach that, I can tell my body shape has changed. Wider? Less waist? Apparently a bigger butt (or hips?) because my butt is the only place I ended up with stretch marks! Whatever it is, my clothes look funny to me and I’ve gone up a shirt size (or two)–I finally went shopping and bought some new basic shirts (most size large, some medium… used to be an xs or s). I don’t mind it, but I do mind the little belly pouch that I do hope will go away someday. I actually got an exercise DVD in the mail the other day that’s supposed to specifically help that post-baby pouch… and I get to give one away too, so watch for that! I hope it helps!

This was taken today… 8 weeks after my c-section. I took a picture 2 weeks ago, you can see that here: 6 week pp. I think it has gone down a littttle. I wouldn’t mind the little pouch so much (I know it’s not that bad), it’s just that none of my pre-preggo clothes fit… not pants, not shirts… it’s like I need a whole new wardrobe, and that’s what’s annoying. I use my bellaband more now than I did during pregnancy! 🙂

Life after baby? Wonderful. I’m going to do another post on Ryan because I feel like he has changed (grown) so much! But we’re all doing great. Yes, working and taking care of Ryan is exhausting and it consumes your whole life to the point where it takes you 2 days to empty the dishwasher and the dishwasher door remains open that whole time. And your coat never makes it to the closet and the blankets stay on the floor where you last used them…. needless to say, our house is a mess (also because we just moved in and haven’t totally unpacked yet). But… we couldn’t be happier. I can’t stand it when Ryan goes places without me… even though “me time” would be nice, I have to go with (most of the time) because I just can’t let him go! He’s too cute.

Anyway! I have a big interview tomorrow and I’ve been preparing all day (well, all week, really!) and am pretty excited. It would be a great opportunity for me and for our family. I’ll let you know how it goes… wish me luck!

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