Simplisse Breastfeeding Pump & Accessories giveaway

**WINNER: I asked for a random number from my twitter followers and chose the 7th reply I got (because 7 is my lucky number). Turned out to be… #11, congrats Jennifer! Winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Thanks to all who entered and thanks again to Simplisse!**

Ok, I’m seriously excited to show you guys about this company and to have one of you win this stuff! Simplisse is a new, full line of breastfeeding products designed by lactation consultants and moms. Most pumps you know of are vacuum based–they get the job done, but they aren’t very comfortable. They pinch, they tug and they cause friction.. I mean, just think about it–you’re sticking a hard plastic thing on a sensitive area and expecting it not to hurt? I’m not sure why someone didn’t come up with this before–a SOFT, flexible breastcup.

Ok, it uses this new technology that eliminates the “suck and release” method found in traditional pumps. It it supposed to be more like a baby sucking… and has “continuous comfort valves” that regulate the pressure in the pump so that it doesn’t get to be too much–so it’s similar to a baby and it doesn’t hurt.

Now, I was only expecting to be sent this pump for review. So imagine my surprise when a big, huge box appeared, full of goodies!

Like I said, Simplisse is a FULL line of breastfeeding products–everything you need in one spot. So.. I was also sent:

  • Disposable breast pads. Cute, shaped like a flower, soft and thin. I like that the outer layer is water resistant (not cotton). However, I wore these to bed and I leaked through and had to get up and change them in the middle of the night. BUT, to be fair, I was leaking through ALL types of pads at that time (milk wasn’t used to Ryan sleeping all night yet!). During the day they work great–no issues with showing through the shirt. They’re also large enough to cover and hold everything… I hate those dinky pads (cough Johnson’s cough).
  • Breastmilk storage bags. I had never used bags before, but was just starting to NEED them when these came in the mail (2 points to Simplisse for the timing on that one!). These have double zip seals, stand upright and have an area at the top to write the date. Worked perfect for us!
  • Lanolin-free nipple cream. My new favorite. Everyone said I had to get the Lanolin cream, so I did. It’s so thick and gooey, it almost hurts when putting it on during that ultra-sensitive stage of breastfeeding. But this stuff goes on light and creamy… very smooth… and safe for baby!
  • Essential lactation supplements. Call me stupid, but for the longest time I didn’t realize you were supposed to keep taking your prenatals AFTER pregnancy. Shouldn’t they be called pre- AND postnatals then?! lol. At my OB checkup, the nurse was like “and you’re still taking your prenatals, right?”  ummmm, yeaaaaa, duh of course I am! 🙂 Ok, off topic, but anyway–these pills replace your prenatals. You get a bottle of Minerals and a bottle of Vitamins. They contain everything a breastfeeding mom needs!

The rest of their full line includes: washable breast pads, collection bottles, cleaning wipes, sterilizer bags, nipple shields, breast shells, hydrogel soothing pads, and nipple wipes.

Ok… my review of the pump. When I read the directions about washing it, I was overwhelmed. There are so many parts! Check it out:

There’s a manual with step-by-step instructions for taking it apart and putting it back together. And yes, the first time took me awhile… the second time I could almost do it without looking at the book. And I’ve never needed the book since. I timed it for you guys… it takes me less than 2 minutes to put it all together. The parts are dishwasher safe too, but I usually just rinse in soapy water.

The first time I used the pump was the night I got it because I was too excited to wait. Bad idea. Keep in mind I’m used to an electric pump. I woke up at 4am and tried pumping in the dark. I was tired and got frustrated wayyy too fast when I thought the pump wasn’t working…. wellll, in the morning I realized that the breastcup wasn’t snapped all the way on. My bad 🙁  My next attempt went much better. When you pump, you can actually see the soft breastcup expanding with each pump–no friction or pinching. The hospital had given me the Medela hand pump so I have that to compare it too… the Simplisse really is that much better.

I still use my electric pump everyday at work, but I love that I have this pump to keep at home–I use it nearly every night now. I can grab it on the go too, like if I’m going over to my mom’s and I KNOW she’s going to want to feed Ryan with a bottle, haha.

OK – that was a long review, but that’s because I had a lot to say. I really love Simplisse and all they have to offer and am super excited I get to giveaway this stuff to one of you! OH I also want to show you this video on their site of What Moms Say about Simplisse.

You can now find Simplisse at Babies R Us! One lucky reader is going to WIN all the same awesome stuff I received: the pump (includes a collection bottle), disposable breast pads (box of 60), breastmilk storage bags (25 pack), nipple cream, and essential lactation vitamins and minerals (30 day supply). Awesome, right?! It’s over a $100 value.

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**Giveaway ends March 3rd 2010, at 11:59 pm CST. will be used to choose the winner who will have 48 hours to respond to my email before a new winner is chosen. Good luck!**

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