Forget preggo brain… it’s baby brain!

I thought “pregnancy brain” was bad… becoming forgetful, using the wrong word during conversation (or not being able to think of it), and being generally ditsy-like.

Baby brain is worse. Is there a term for that? There should be. Never have I mistaken “there” for “their”… but I find myself doing it now all the time. And it’s one of my huge pet peeves. I seem more spacey–as in, forgetting major events, not paying attention to anything going on outside my home. I blame it on being super busy.. I’m just in a hurry all the time! You’d be amazed at what a mom (or dad) can get done in the 10 minutes the baby is quietly playing in his bouncer.

Baby brain, unlike preggo brain, is not limited to mom. I experienced this on Saturday with my husband: We had a pediatrician appointment at 10am and an appointment with the groomer at noon for our car. We talked about both of them Friday night before bed. Steve gets up at 4am to go to work Saturday morning and starts telling me about his plans…

Me: “What about our appointment?”
Steve: “You mean Oscar? At noon? I’ll be back.”
Me: “Uh, no, your son. At the pediatrician. At 10.”

Well clearly I ended up going solo with Ryan to that appointment, haha. Then…. after the appointment… Steve called me from our old apartment:

Steve: “Want to meet me at the apartment to help clear out the rest of the stuff?”
Me: “I don’t think we have time for that.”
Steve: “What are you talking about?”
Me: “Umm.. your cat… the groomer… at noon.

Now, either of those events occurring singly wouldn’t be so weird. But both – on the same day – within hours of eachother? Hilarious. Daddy is losing his mind. And mommy is glad she isn’t the only one.

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