Ryan has the best daddy ever

It’s time I wrote a post for Steve. I know (I’ve heard) that relationships can get really hard after a baby is brought into it. Steve and I have always had a really strong relationship… we dated for 5 years before getting married and have now been married for 2 years this May. I never worried for a second about how our marriage would be affected by having a baby.

But I can see how it happens. Not that anything has happened to us… but once you have a baby, your priorities change. I thought I understood that before, but… I don’t think you REALLY get it (really FEEL it) until you have one. Your goals change, your wants and needs and desires. My main goal before was finding a job in my field and loving my career. Now? I think I could be happy almost anywhere because all that matters is Ryan and providing for him. I’d do anything and I’d be okay with it. Another high priority was Steve. Of course he still is, but he’s fallen on the list, understandably, to Ryan.

Where I think Steve and I work together is that our goals and priorities have both changed. I think some dads have issues with the loss of being priority #1–issues with getting much less attention. But Steve is right there with me, agreeing that Ryan is now absolutely #1 and we will both do whatever we need to for him.

Oh! Great news- Steve got moved to 2nd shift at work! So he sleeps at night like a normal person now 🙂 But that also means we get to talk for like 10 minutes a day. I get up in the morning and get ready for work… he hands me a lunch on my way out the door and he stays at home with Ryan until I get home around 1:15pm. He leaves for work by 1:30pm (just enough time to let me know Ryan’s sleeping and eating schedule for that morning) and doesn’t get home until around 11pm–by which time I’m already in bed!

Anyway… why is Steve the best Daddy (and husband) ever?

  • He makes me breakfast & coffee everyday–and usually a lunch to take to work
  • He records Ryan’s feedings and naps
  • I find surprise pictures of Ryan on my camera
  • He makes sure to give Ryan his tummy time (and also records that, haha)
  • If we’re both home (like on weekends), he always takes Ryan to change his diaper
  • He supports breastfeeding all the way (which is the main reason he always changes the diaper–because he “needs a job to do too!”)
  • Is super concerned (more than ME!) about Ryan’s safety/health
  • Turns into the biggest baby-talker ever when he’s with Ryan (too cute)
  • Says things like, “Let’s go in the other room, Ryan, mommy needs a break.”
  • And things like, “Aren’t you a cute sack of potatoes.”
  • Has gotten totally into going organic/all natural because he thinks it’s the best for Ryan (I think our grocery bill has almost doubled from this, haha)
  • He has been to all of Ryan’s pediatrician appointments (except this last one bc of work)
  • He held my hand through the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through (my c-section)
  • He never complains.

Okay, okay, I realize we’re only 2 months into this… so maybe I should say…. He hasn’t complained YET. haha. But anyway, I think Ryan is one lucky dude and I’m one lucky mama! 🙂

Our 1 year wedding anniversary – May 09

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  • Miracle Pending

    Aw, you ARE lucky 🙂 It’s wonderful to see that some couples are just meant to be. You are beautiful together and Ryan is so fortunate to have parents who genuinely love one another and and him.


  • Bobbi Janay

    How sweet, now don’t forget to take time for the two of you (steve and yourself) together alone. You need that too, I am not attacking Casey and I learned this the tough way.


  • Lucky you!! I’m glad things have been so good for you two! Having a baby def changes priorities, baby first end of discussion lol.


  • an IS one lucky kid and ur one lucky also! Steve is a great guy!

    Sounds like you guys do need some time for yourselves though. That does usually get put on the back burner once the baby is here, and I think that’s where all the problems start in relationships. So don’t forget to get some of that in there. 10 minutes a day is definitely NOT enough, girl.


  • Aw, thanks for your concern about our alone time 🙂 The awesome thing about his move to 2nd shift is that we now get the WHOLE weekend together! I think almost every weekend since Ryan was born we’ve had my mom or his mom watch Ryan for a couple hours so we could get out of the house together… out to eat, errands, etc.

    We don’t forget about us! (I’d get too cranky if that happened, lol) 🙂


  • Awww what a good Daddy! My DH makes me lunch too! He is a stay at home Dad. He made a “Mommy’s Worry Sheet” and writes down all of his feedings, diapers & naps…so cute! 🙂 He’s also great with changing his diaper…all the time! I love it! Plus, he is sooooo supportive of me breastfeeding and is PROUD that I breastfeed!


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