Undercover Mama nursing tank review

Ask any breastfeeding mama and she’ll tell you that it’s hard work… and it’s almost a whole new wardrobe too. Nursing bras, nursing tanks and tees, undershirts, covers… it can get to be a hassle, especially when nursing in public. Or for me, when pumping at work. I like wearing tank tops under my shirts so that when I lift my shirt to nurse or pump, my belly stays covered. What’s annoying about that is I have to yank the top of my tank top down – or – if it’s a nursing tank, I have to unclip it and then also unclip my nursing bra. It may not seem like a big deal to most, but nursing mamas agree…. it should be simpler.

Then I found Undercover Mama. It’s just like a tank top, except it has no straps or clips… it hooks onto your bra!! Simply genius. So when you go to nurse, you unclip your nursing bra like normal, and the tank folds down with it. No extra snapping or clipping or anything. And your belly stays covered, just like wearing a normal tank.

I was a little worried that the Undercover tank would come unclipped once I folded it down with the bra (creating a bigger hassle than before!), but I haven’t had any issues with that. It’s just one of those normal hooks and you slide it onto your bra strap right under the clasp… here’s a close up:

I received the Cream tank and loooove it… it’s just so handy! They also come in black, brown, and white for $20. If you want one (or 5) for yourself, you can get FREE SHIPPING by emailing Undercover Mama (elena@undercovermama.com) and mentioning my blog, Baby Dickey!! Enjoy!

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