Little Remedies Contest: help!

You know you’re all my favorite people, right? (yea, that’s my attempt at kissing butt to get you to help me out) 😉 Little Remedies is having a contest… The top 20 blogs that get the most votes get prizes and the #1 blog wins $1000!! I want it. (Obviously).

but YOU can win too! Every time you click this button below to vote for me, YOU get an entry into a separate contest, which is also giving away prizes and $1000 cash! And you can click to vote for Baby Dickey once a day! That’s lots of entries into the contest for you too.

AND… if you vote for me (every day) you can get extra entries in all my current giveaways too. K? Just go leave a comment for the giveaway saying you voted in the LR contest and the date.

How much more incentive do you need?!! Ok, everyone gets a unicorn!!!!! Just click the button below, spin around 3 times with your eyes closed, jump once and then scream. Wallah. ……. what? it didn’t work? That’s because you need to do it every day until the contest is over! 😉

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