3 months old?!

On Saturday (the 27th), Ryan turned 3 months old. It feels like yesterday that I was coming home from the hospital… and sitting on the couch with Ryan all day long because he couldn’t stand to be put down, haha.

Some major things:

*I just washed his size 9 month clothing… he’s not into them yet, but he’s filling out his 6 mo stuff pretty well so he’ll be there soon! CRAZY.
*We put away his bassinet 🙁 🙁 🙁 Ok, it’s not THAT big of a deal because we co-sleep. But he starts out the night in his own bed… and he was just whacking his arms and legs on the sides of the bassinet too often. So it’s in the corner and his pack n’ play is now next to my bed. No idea when (actually, IF) I’ll ever move him in the other room to his crib…
*He grabs on to EVERYTHING he can. He’s getting really good at it too!
*I read that babies can understand cause and effect at this age (that’s crazy!) and I seem to notice it now… when I push the button that makes music, he stares at it and then clearly tries to get at the button too. So I always make sure I explain what I’m doing now (“Flipping this switch makes the light turn on.” “Hitting this toy makes it spin.” “Pulling this cord makes music play.”)
*He used to sleep from 8pm to 4am straight through… but I think because we started co-sleeping again, he wakes every 2-3 hours again and eats. It doesn’t affect me much, I sleep right through it! But the 8 hours would be nice to have back…

I’ve decided I’ll take a picture of him in his chair every month.. I took one around 2 months too.

Soo what’s new with me and Steve?

We got a LOT done with the house over the weekend… rearranging furniture, packing up stuff we don’t want.. the house was becoming so much of a mess I was starting to go crazy. But it’s starting to really come together now!

On Thursday I met with a lady who is soon moving here and together we’re starting an ICAN chapter (International Cesarean Awareness Network)! Paperwork is filed and the Rock River Valley ICAN group is now listed on the website. SO EXCITED–for the support and for helping others 🙂 More on this later…

If you’ve noticed, the New Mom Event is over (about time, eh?), but I still have reviews coming in… I still have sponsors. There won’t nearly be as many as there have been in the last 2 months, but once in awhile (maybe 1/week?).

Steve’s older brother is moving in with us for awhile. He got a new job here (actually, where I work too :)) and I’m like- hey! live-in babysitter! 😉 haha

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