Fit+Giggles postnatal workout DVD review

I found Fit+Giggles when I was searching for ways to get in shape after pregnancy and I particularly wanted to try exercises I could do WITH my baby–I was hoping it would keep him happy and would be fun for both of us. I know my arms and back are stronger just from wearing him and making him “fly” through the air! Fit+Giggles is exactly that: a postnatal workout with your baby.

What I really like about this workout is that they take into consideration what you do everyday as a mom–certain stretches and things to help those aching muscles from reaching behind you while driving to put the pacifier back in (haha, totally do this all the time!) or from breastfeeding, for example. Each exercise was designed by a physical therapist and the DVD is separated into different body part segments that are each 5-10 minutes long. So you can go right to a certain target zone if you want. I did the whole thing straight through and was super impressed that Ryan was able to handle it!

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t as much of a workout as I was expecting, but… I’m not sure it really can be when you’re holding your baby, haha. And anyway, it works great at targeting certain areas and helping you stretch and strengthen.

You can wear your baby or hold him. I started out using my pouch because I couldn’t find our baby bjorn carrier anywhere (which is the style they use in the video). Certain arm movements were harder with the pouch so I would suggest a wrap, a mei tai/baby bjorn type, or just holding your baby, which is what I switched to–and that helps with arm muscle too!

The woman on the left (Kim) held/wore a baby the whole time and the woman on the right (Sandra) was pregnant–showing that this DVD can be used for both pre- and post-natal workouts! In the bottom right corner is a timer counting down for each activity.

And of course, the bonding with your baby is the coolest thing about a workout DVD like this, I think. Ryan loved it–some of the hip swaying motions and things were soothing to him (like a rocking chair) and I counted down out loud so Ryan would hear me talk. Also, a lot of the exercises you learn from this DVD can be done anywhere–squatting around the house/at work, twisting/swaying with your baby, arm stretches while babywearing… this DVD helps you get started–it definitely made me more aware of some everyday actions I can do to help improve my shape.

Overall, Fit+Giggles isĀ fun for you and baby and gives you things you can certainly do every day. It’s more for toning up and stretching than having a hard workout, but that’s not to say your muscles won’t still be sore afterwards! (Those squats are tiring, ok?! lol)

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