Ryan found his feet!

I spent the day yesterday shopping with my mom and Ryan. He did amazingly well and only got fussy a couple times. He did, however, poop out of his diaper TWICE and I of course only brought ONE change of clothes with. The second time we stuffed his outfit with some napkins, haha, and headed to the nearest kids store to buy him a new outfit.

So another milestone: as of today, my lil (big) boy is in size 3 diapers!!

This was right before he pooped out his 2nd diaper (ice cream for my birthday! – it’s tomorrow :))


Then, as we were leaving the mall, I noticed Ryan was holding his foot! For the first time ever!! Proud mama 🙂 Steve’s mom got Ryan some little socks for Easter that have stuffed animals on them with bells and a crinkly fabric… I put them on Ryan today to see how it would go now that he has found his feet! They kept him occupied for quite some time, it was so cute!

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