Birthday gifts from the hubby

25 today… I think for once I actually feel different. Maybe it’s having a son, maybe it’s hitting the quarter-century mark. Either way, I’m happy and life is good! This morning Steve sent me for a 60 minute massage and a spa pedicure… ahhhhh, so amazing. I couldn’t get up after my massage, haha. And I got pink toes for spring! 🙂 When I got home he gave me more gifts!

From him–a box of fancy chocolates from a local store downtown, Chocolat By Daniel. Yea, I’ve already eaten two and it’s taking every ounce of willpower I have to not eat more right now 🙂 They use REAL cocoa, not processed “crap” you find at the store.

The next gift he said was from Ryan. It’s my favorite picture of us and then on the left side of the frame is a poem that Steve wrote, signed by Ryan Tyler 🙂 So adorable, it made me cry! Steve said–you know, you’re really a mom now when presents make you cry. Haha.

The poem reads:

In mother’s arms I sleep tonight.

Peacefully waiting,

Until morning’s first light.

In mother’s arms I feel no fear.

Comfortably rocking,

Shedding no single tear.

In mother’s arms I stay a while.

Anxiously hoping,

To induce Mother’s smile.

Ryan Tyler

How absolutely perfect is that? Steve said he was a little nervous about using the word “induce” (because of my labor/birth), but he needed a 2 syllable word–that made me laugh! He’s so sweet. Best birthday ever.

This is what  my desk looked like at work on Friday:

And so far I’ve gotten one of the gifts from my mom, the book Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC). A depressing read for me, I’m sure, haha, but I’m so excited to have it. It’s out of print (written in the 80’s) but from what I’ve heard it’s an absolute must-read. Have any of you read it or heard of it? Someone told me it was required reading for their nursing degree–but I can tell you the nurse I had during my labor sure as hell didn’t seem like she ever read a book like this.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner with a bunch of friends (and bringing Ryan along!) then just hanging out with everyone at our house. Best birthday ever! Cheers!

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