What’s the point in cooking dinner?

…. when your pot of water boils over because you’re tending to a cranky baby

…. and a meal that use to take 30 minutes to make now takes an hour (at least)?

…. when your food comes out burnt or soggy or overcooked or just plain bad because you forgot 3 of the ingredients (in your rush to get done or thanks once again to momnesia)

….when, no matter how you try to time it, you have to change a poop-filled diaper right before you eat?

….wait, eat? what’s that?

….when your baby decides HE’S hungry right when it’s supposed to be YOUR dinner time.

….and then after he’s hungry, he decides he needs LOTS of attention. “Don’t you dare pick up that spoon! Look at ME!”

….or when you eat (I mean… INHALE) so quickly that you didn’t get to taste your dinner anyway.

What inspired this post? I attempted dinner tonight. Steve works at night so I don’t usually make dinner just for myself. Tonight I tried white pasta and garlic bread…. from now on I’ll stick with my cereal, popcorn or bagel.


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