Feeding Solids- advice??

Posting from my iPhone so bare with me! At ped appt today we were told we “could” start Ryan on rice cereal…. 2 tablespoons twice a day and to very slowly work up to as much as 8 tablespoons twice a day.

I had no plans to start any solids until 6 mo. But why?? I wasn’t expecting this to be an issue already so I’m totally unprepared and know nothing about it. Nothing! That’s where you guys come in 🙂

Why wait till 6 mo of age? Why start earlier? Pros and cons of rice cereal?? it may not be GOOD for Ryan (it’s just empty calories, yea?) but is anything about it BAD? Is there organic rice cereal out there?

For some reason I don’t want to start yet… but I don’t know why. Maybe because it means he’s growing up?! lol. The hubby is up for trying it – especially if it helps him sleep through the night.

help! share all you know! please 🙂

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  • I’m hesitant to post this because I’m probably going to get flamed, BUT, it’s what we chose to do and so far it’s working well.

    Nellie is 3.5 months old, has great head control, is beginning to sit assisted and watches when we eat. She has also gone from being hungry every 3-4 hours to being hungry every hour to hour and a half. SO, based on that, I decided to start giving her rice cereal in her bottle in the morning and at bedtime. And so far, she has tolerated it beautifully and is fuller for longer. She also is spitting up less. I did NOT do it to make her sleep through the night, I felt like she was ready so I took the plunge and she’s doing great on it so far.

    I give her an organic rice cereal I found at Target. I give her a bottle of 4 ounces of formula at a time and use the same scoop to measure out the cereal. I put one scoop of cereal for one four ounce bottle.

    I know that some people give their babies rice cereal as early as a few weeks. I honestly think that once they’re showing signs of readiness, it’s okay to start.. But slowly. We started her off with one bottle a day to make sure her bowel movements were still regular, good consistency, and color and so far they are. No increased fussiness or signs of constipation or gas.

    Just my humble opinion and experience. 🙂


  • When Owen started solids, he nursed less during the day but it didn’t help him sleep longer at night at all!!

    I could give you all the reasons why it is better to wait and skip the rice cereal, but KellyMom has a great site on it:


  • Neither of our kids had solids before six months of age. Our pediatrician doesn’t think they’re ready before then and doesn’t encourage it.

    I know people who do and who have found it helpful.

    Katie started on rice cereal and that combined with the formula really did a number on her bowel movements, but we got that sorted out fairly quickly. And it was the combination, so I wouldn’t imagine that you would have the same result.

    I do know that sleeping through the night has very little to do with eating and everything to do with the individual baby. Some can and some can’t — and some take a very long time to get to can. My best friend has 9 month old twins. One sleeps through the night and has since about three months; the other does not sleep through the night and just can’t do it. She will — eventually — but she’s not there yet.


  • (I hope this is an I-can-be-honest zone, and you “know” me well enough by now to get my snark, so here goes.)

    That pediatrician sucks. The AAP and every other health organization in the world recommends EXCLUSIVE breastmilk until at least 6 months, and then real food after that. Any earlier and it can cause allergies, increased risk of SIDS (babies shouldn’t be stuffed to sleep – that’s not safe) and other problems. There is no reason at all to give anything made by the Gerber factory at ANY point in a baby’s life, but especially before 6 months. Did your ped not just read that massive breastfeeding article? This information has been around FOREVER, but that article should have caused him/her to start practicing within AAP guidelines.

    At 6 months, start making him some nice homemade baby food (seriously, it’s so much easier than it sounds – I did it while working full time, going to school at night full time, AND running a part time cake business.) You can make a few batches every couple of weeks, freeze them into ice cubes, then pop out a few cubes when it’s time to eat. I can give you lots of advice if you need it.

    (I’m yelling at my own ped as I write this because they also give the world’s crappiest advice, and I haven’t had the time to think about switching yet.) GRR!


  • There’s definitely organic rice cereal available if you decide to go that route. I prefer to wait a bit longer to feed my babies, myself. The baby-led feeding concept works really well for us. (There’s more about it here, or just google “baby led weaning” if you want to read more: http://www.babyledweaning.com/ ) I’m sure you’ll figure out what will work best for your baby and your family. 🙂


  • How funny because I JUST fed my son his FIRST solids tonight! He is 6 and a half months old. I decided against cereal because I didn’t really see the point. When I went for G’s 4-month well baby my Ped told me that there was no point to cereal and he only suggested if the baby was formula fed and wasn’t sleeping through the night. When G was around 4 months old I did alot of research and my overall impression was that their tummy’s just aren’t ready yet.

    I gave my son some mashed bananas mixed with a little breast milk. He didn’t really seem that into it. He made some really funny faces though! It wasn’t quite as big of a deal as I thought it would be!


  • Andrea Davis

    A good rule of thumb: Food before age one is just for fun. I would wait on “solid foods” because it gives the digestive system time to mature and be ready to process the foods. Less potential for discomfort. You will know it is time for solids because baby will express interest in being part of meals. That is the time for beginning food like rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, bananas, avocados, etc.


  • devaskyla

    Wait. Feeding babies isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds. I waited until 5 1/2 months with my first & I really regret introducing solids that early. He wasn’t really ready yet. The one thing I did right was mostly avoiding that baby cereal crap. My 2nd was 7 months and then we completely skipped cereal. My third was vehemently ready at 5 1/2 months (he was stealing food & screaming at me when I ate without letting him have some, he was also sitting & nearly both crawling & cruising). I did purees with both 1 & 2 & babyled with number 3. I think babyled is sooo much better. And you really shouldn’t do it until 6 months at the earliest. So wait. 🙂 4 months is too early


  • I see someone already left you a link to Kellymom. They’re a great resource for info on when to start solids and one that we used. I also loved the baby led weaning concept. We also used ideas from http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ They have some yummy recipes and helpful ideas on what to start and when.

    My pediatrician told us we could start DG on solids when we went to her 4 month appt, but he also said that it was better to wait as long as we could. I was a little annoyed that he even suggested we could start at 6 months and I ignored his advice because DG was clearly NOT ready yet! I don’t know how to explain it, but we just knew when it was time to start solids. It’s more than losing the tongue thrust, sitting up well, watching you eat, & letting their guts mature, it’s just a feeling that you know it’s time.

    We started DG on solids a teeny shade before 6 months old (3 days or so before). We started with dinner first because both hubby and I could be home to do it. We took DG’s lead on how to proceed. We didn’t know any different so we did cereal (oatmeal) w/ a lot of breastmilk. Some nights she wanted a little, sometimes not. It was fine. As someone else said, food before one is just for fun. We’re getting her used to new textures, foods, etc. Also I always started with breastfeeding first (until she got to about 10-11 months old) because that’s where her main nutrition came from.

    We quickly mostly switched to baby led weaning. DG got mashed bits of avocado, banana, apple,etc mixed w/ breastmilk. We tried her on a new food every 3-4 days to make sure there were no allergies. When DG decided to eat dinner most every night, we added lunch (at about 8 months). When she decided to eat lunch most everyday, we added breakfast (at about 9 months). It worked for us.

    Sorry for the book, but I thought I would tell you what worked for us. At 20 months, DG is a fantastic eater and only dislikes broccoli because she vomitted it up from a stomach virus. Good luck with whatever you do! 🙂


  • Claire

    I agree that waiting is best. Cereal IS really empty calories and the thing about them sleeping through the night? that’s bs as well. Didn’t make an ounce of difference for us.

    What did work really well for us was baby led weaning – basically not doing purees at all, but starting with soft chunks of things like banana and avocado at 6 mos or when baby can sit up unassisted. This is the most hands off method because you graduate on to giving them small amounts of whatever you eat, in baby fist-sized pieces. No pureeing, no spoon feeding, and it’s all fun for the baby, learning about food.

    http://babyledweaning.blogware.com/ will give you all the basic info you need if you decide to go this route.


  • I started my son on Earth’s Best Organic Rice Cereal (available at Target, Whole Foods, and many others) at 4 months. It took him a couple weeks to get the hang of it and actually get any of it into his belly but after that he was a pro. He never had any issues with allergies or the solids upsetting his tummy (he is 21 months now). There is no reason you have to start solids now but if you want to it will probably be OK. My son seemed more satisfied after starting cereals and he loved it! Just my experience, to each their own. I do agree with the people saying it has no bearing on sleeping through the night though. Just an overall happy baby with a full belly!


  • Miracle Pending

    I think the pediatrician recommends it based on his weight percentile. He looks small, but not too small. I think it’s fine to get him started on it once and a while. We give it to her when she’s have a REALLY bad night. She loves it! We mix plenty of breastmilk in with just 2 tablespoons of rice cereal.

    The deciding factor for me was that she was on the boob CONSTANTLY. Eating every hour or two is fine during the day, but by evening, I was totally out of milk. So I supplemented with additional pumped milk I had from before. She was guzzling down 8 ounces easily in a sitting. Maybe this is normal? But she is also in the 97th percentile of weight and was only given breastmilk until she was weighed.

    So I just give it to her as a treat at night if she seems extra hungry, crabby, or just unwilling to breastfeed. I don’t give it to her every day because it makes her poops seem kind of weird and stinky. I have organic brown rice cereal with probiotics and DHA from Target: I think it’s called Happy Babies. Fortunately, she has not become constipated from it yet!


  • Bobbi Janay

    Ian never had rice cereal in a bottle, we introduced it early at about 10 weeks. Our ped. was ok with this Ian was showing the signs of ready and he only had it after his first bottle of the morning. We did this because bottles were not satisfying him.


  • I have no experience yet, but I’ve attended a couple of infant feeding classes. What I’ve learned is that if Baby is showing signs of being ready at 4 months, go ahead and start them on rice cereal. However, if they are NOT showing any signs, there is no need to start them on solids until they are actually ready. And, if you wait until 6 months or later, you can bypass the rice cereal. All I know about rice cereal is that it can cause constipation.

    So, unless my little girl acts like she really wants solids sooner, I don’t plan to start her until at least after 6 months.


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