It’s a miracle: swaddling

I have wonderful news! As a follow up to my post yesterday (Crib Sleeping) where I talked about how badly it was going, we tried again last night. Ryan went down at 7:30pm and from then until 9pm he was up so much that I wouldn’t even consider it sleep! Finally at 9 I got frustrated with running back and forth and decided to swaddle him. Someone suggested that in the last post and I’ve heard it before…. I never thought it’d work because Ryan loves to sleep sprawled out and kick his legs. Plus, we haven’t swaddled him since he was like 2 months old!

Well, it worked. THANK GOD. I haven’t had sleep that good in months. He slept from 9pm till 2am! Steve said he woke up once in there and made a little bit of noise so he went in and put Ryan’s paci back in, but I’m wondering if he may have fallen back asleep on his own. Anyway, I fed him at 2am and he went right back to sleep. Then he woke up crying at 4:30am and I put his paci back in, put my hand on his chest, and stayed there until he fell asleep (just a few minutes).

He woke up again at 6am, which has been his usual “hey mom, I’m up for the day!” time so I went in and said GOOD MORNING! and he was all smiley 🙂 so I changed his diaper and sat in the rocker to nurse him. When he was done eating, he completely passed out. What?! It’s morning! It’s your wake up time! But hey, let’s not complain here.

I brought him into our bedroom and slept with him in our bed (yay for some co-sleeping with my cuddle bug!) until 8 AM!

If this is his new schedule, I’m in heaven. It will be awesome for my husband too if Ryan sleeps till 8am during the week. But even if he gets up at 6am, the sleeping for more than 30-60 minutes at a time at night is going to save our sanity. In our own bed, without a flailing and restless baby. We’ve gone from waking up 10 times a night (nursing like 5 times a night) to waking up twice and nursing twice. SUCCESS!

Swaddling blankets… did you ever know that you’re my hero? It might have appeared to go unnoticed, but I’ve got it all here in my heart. I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it. I would be nothing without youuuu. (Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings)

Swaddled, one day old

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  • Which swaddling blanket are you using? I think we may need to try again with Shelby. It’s been probably 7 weeks since we swaddled her, but she flails so much when she’s trying to go to sleep that she bonks her hands against her head and wakes herself up.


  • This is wonderful to hear! We swaddle our 2.5 month old. He doesn’t stay asleep unless he is swaddled. We have a merino coccooi swaddling blanket. We love it! I was stressing about having to “wean” him off of being swaddled. But after reading your post, I think I am just going to keep swaddling him for as long as he wants!
    So glad you are able to get some rest.


  • That is great! So far Samantha seems to HATE swaddling. She always manages to get an arm out, and then ends up wiggling her way out until she fusses herself awake. Maybe we just aren’t wrapping her tight enough? I feel bad wrapping her too tight, but maybe I should try it again!


  • The swaddle definitely has to be tight or Ryan will wake up… sometimes when I re-wrap him in the middle of the night, his eyes are closed again before I’m even finished! haha. I’m not sure what the blankets are we are using… it was just some 3-blanket set at Babies R Us! Nothing fancy!

    But.. here’s the bad news.. it worked great the 1st 2 nights… but the last 2 nights he has been awake every hour. It has been terrible!! I don’t know what to do. STeve thinks it’s because he’s getting teeth…..


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